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Natural World

Bright blue lobster discovered

November 17, 2011 | Comment icon 18 comments

Image Credit: CC 3.0 Steven G. Johnson
The unusually coloured crustacean was saved from the dinner table when it was spotted at a fish market.
Fisherman Rex Goldsmith decided that the lobster was too unique to eat so he instead donated it to the Natural History Museum. Scientists believe the striking blue colour is down to a rare genetic variant. "It's the most striking blue lobster I have seen in my 30 years in the business and was too nice to put in a pot and boil," said Mr. Goldsmith.
An incredible electric-blue lobster has been saved from the dinner table after it was spotted at a fish market and rehomed. The striking crustacean was found by stunned fishermen off the east coast of Scotland and displayed for sale at a fish market in London.

Source: Daily Mail | Comments (18)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #9 Posted by star energy 10 years ago
Nicely said Briarwyn. Yes we Americans do stop to smell the roses. We like our lobsters Red, Hot, and very Buttery too. Yummmmmm
Comment icon #10 Posted by Fluffybunny 10 years ago
No american would be that kind. They'd have eaten it without it even touching the sides. Wow. I didn't know you knew them all.
Comment icon #11 Posted by Khaleid 10 years ago
I wonder... Since the most beautiful specimens seem to be saved from the pot, would it be wrong of me to assume that --given enough time-- natural selection will gravitate towards lobsters all having these beautiful colors?
Comment icon #12 Posted by Blackwhite 10 years ago
I would have chucked it in the pot anyway. I wouldn't care what colour it is. It'd probably still taste delicious. And there's nothing better than hearing them scream as they are scolded to death.
Comment icon #13 Posted by VietRulerZ 10 years ago
blue samurai lobsters
Comment icon #14 Posted by kobolds 10 years ago
Alright, i going to catch some crab and paint it green
Comment icon #15 Posted by Still Waters 10 years ago
Alright, i going to catch some crab and paint it green Don't you mean blue? Anyway...that's cheating
Comment icon #16 Posted by Myles 10 years ago
Alright, i going to catch some crab and paint it green Although catching crabs may be fun, I assume having them is not.
Comment icon #17 Posted by RedSquirrel 10 years ago
Green Crab? Carcinus maenas! Looks green after moult.
Comment icon #18 Posted by Mr.Gooding 10 years ago
WOW this is a first to me

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