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Ghosts & Hauntings

Ghost caught on CCTV at Dover Castle

By T.K. Randall
September 17, 2014 · Comment icon 30 comments

Who or what walked across the road in the video ? Image Credit: YouTube / spyder1spanner2
Footage showing a strange shadow figure walking across the road at the entrance has appeared online.
Built in the 12th century, Dover Castle has been home to so many stories of ghosts and spirits over the years that it has since become a popular site for paranormal tours and investigations.

Its haunted reputation has received even more of a boost this week thanks to a video uploaded on to YouTube that has recently gone viral. The footage, which was taken at the castle's entrance, seems to show a dark figure walking across the road.
Believed to have been filmed from a CCTV camera before being re-recorded on a mobile phone, the video shows the entity moving from right to left before disappearing. A few seconds later a security guard can be seen walking over to where it was before surveying the area.

"I promise you this is not a fake," the uploader has insisted. "It's filmed on CCTV at Dover Castle on to a mobile. I wouldn't even know how to start making this a fake, to be honest."

Source: AOL | Comments (30)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #21 Posted by highdesert50 8 years ago
Perhaps, as mentioned, an insect on the lens. We have seen distorted interpretations of ufos when insects are in the close field of the lens. As humans, we are designed to scan for potential threats, interpret them, and make a decision based on optimal survival. Always enlightening, if not amusing, to review these videos with the perspective of it is not human, not a threat, and see what emerges as a potential explanation.
Comment icon #22 Posted by jarjarbinks 8 years ago
LOL some people says that it's 100% CGI and another one says it's 100% a bug. so, it's 100% unknown
Comment icon #23 Posted by Shayde 8 years ago
Ohh... a good video! Okay, it's likely no more than some sort of reflection or somesuch on the lens, but it's a rather good bit of "what is it?". What makes it interesting though is the way the form crosses the path, and appears to keep to the edge of the bank at the left of the screen. Just like if it was a person walking....
Comment icon #24 Posted by Realm 8 years ago
The thing I noticed was that from the second the object is manifest until the security guard arrives is 17 seconds. Does anyone know the layout of that place and where the guard shack is in relation to the camera? I'm just wondering if IS possible to react that quickly.
Comment icon #25 Posted by Thorvir Hrothgaard 8 years ago
Why is everyone ignoring what ChrLzs pointed out in post #2?
Comment icon #26 Posted by Dracona15 8 years ago
I hate when people use the word ghost. Why can't they just say spirit? or entity?
Comment icon #27 Posted by Thorvir Hrothgaard 8 years ago
Why is that important?
Comment icon #28 Posted by Stubbly_Dooright 8 years ago
byThorvir Hrothgaard: Why is everyone ignoring what ChrLzs pointed out in post #2? I noticed her/his point. ChrLzs: It's very obviously filmed off a screen, so it could simply be a shadow from the surroundings - possibly/probably deliberately introduced. Where is the *original* footage? If the original is missing, I think you have your answer right there - an attempt at a hoax. It seems odd that it didn't (directly) originate from the Dover Castle owners and that it dates back to 2009... The thing is, although a valid point, I'm noticing the shadow is behind the numbers at the bottom of the le... [More]
Comment icon #29 Posted by mbrn30000 8 years ago
If your shooting thru a window, could it not be a reflection on the glass of someone walking in that room?
Comment icon #30 Posted by Ashyne 8 years ago
Anyone else wondering why a castle needs security guards? To protect the King and his treasure, of course.

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