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Space & Astronomy

Trip to the Moon could be available by 2026

By T.K. Randall
December 5, 2016 · Comment icon 16 comments

Views like this one could soon be greeting some of the world's first 'lunar tourists'. Image Credit: NASA
Moon Express is hoping to be able to send people on trips to the Moon within as little as ten years.
As if venturing to the edge of space aboard one of Virgin Galactic's suborbital space planes wasn't adventurous enough, tourists of the near future may even be able to go to the Moon itself.

Moon Express, a private firm founded back in 2010 by billionaire entrepreneur Naveen Jain, is the only private company to be granted permission by the US Federal Aviation Administration to leave the confines of the Earth and land a spacecraft on the lunar surface.

To accomplish this, the company will be teaming up with SpaceX, the private space firm founded by entrepreneur Elon Musk who has his own ambitions about sending humans to other worlds.
"Mars is absolutely the right place to be ultimately," said Jain. "But (the) moon is the first training ground and the first stepping stone. At the end of the day, we would rather be a lunatic three days away than be a Martian six months away."

"So I really believe the problems living on the moon are similar - the high radiation, vast temperature difference - and if we can solve that problem on the moon we can easily go on living on Mars after."

According to Jain, Moon Express could soon be offering round trips to the Moon for only $10,000.

Whether the firm will actually be able to pull this off however remains to be seen.

Source: Conventry Telegraph | Comments (16)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #7 Posted by Thorvir Hrothgaard 6 years ago
As cool as this is, I am not optimistic that it'll happen. It seems that all of the cool stuff involving space--exploration, adventure and discovery--will happen long after I'm gone.  Guess that's another reason to seek immortality.
Comment icon #8 Posted by Frank Merton 6 years ago
To me the only good thing about traveling is getting somewhere so it's over.  Going to the moon would be an even worse ordeal, and, in truth, there is nothing there for anyone except a scientist.  I don't need travel bragging rights.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Derek Willis 6 years ago
My concern would be the lack of alcohol on the flight. Being tanked up is the only way I can survive long haul flights here on Earth, so a three day trip to the Moon would be out of the question.
Comment icon #10 Posted by paperdyer 6 years ago
Join the club.  I'm probably too old already.  I know I'm too old physically, mentally, no.
Comment icon #11 Posted by AdealJustice 6 years ago
the cost? only several million dollars lol
Comment icon #12 Posted by paperdyer 6 years ago
Just apply for a government subsidy as an underprivileged person.
Comment icon #13 Posted by seeder 6 years ago
  From the OP  
Comment icon #14 Posted by seeder 6 years ago
Ive been on a passenger jet at night..... looking out the window everything is black.....much the same I expect as a moon trip. My concerns would obviously be safety and getting back home in one piece, plus like any plane trip I get incredibly bored and feel the need to have a walk, move about etc. Well on a moon trip you couldnt really walk as there'd be no gravity so that would be fun...floating your way down to the toilets! but confined for what, nearly a week? Just sitting in the same chair? I think THAT would be mind numbingly boring to be honest....even if sat in the cockpit chair lookin... [More]
Comment icon #15 Posted by brlesq1 6 years ago
I'd love to go. But like Averell Harriman, the body is too old and rickety...
Comment icon #16 Posted by Eye of Giza 6 years ago
so we need the permission of some agency to leave the confines of the earth and their permission to land on the moon. Funny that, do they own and have say on everything

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