Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Science & Technology

Scientists recover RNA from an extinct species for the first time

9-20-2023 | 2

In a world first, scientists have succeeded in recovering RNA molecules from a preserved Tasmanian tiger specimen.

Science & Technology

Jamais vu: the science behind the eerie opposite of deja vu

9-16-2023 | 12

Psychologists Akira O'Connor and Christopher Moulin explain their research into the mysterious feeling of jamais vu.

Science & Technology

World's largest lithium deposit found in extinct supervolcano

9-11-2023 | 6

The discovery - the largest of its kind ever made - could provide the world with enough lithium to build batteries for decades.

Science & Technology

Nanoparticles: are they the key to a better world or a path to disaster ?

9-9-2023 | 3

Scientist Kristin Omberg takes a look at nanoparticles and how they could shape our future... for better or worse.

Science & Technology

Traditional folk remedies can fuel misinformation, scientists argue

9-5-2023 | 9

Folk remedies have been around for as long as human society, but do they still have a place in the 21st-Century ?

Science & Technology

Biological clocks: how does our body know that time goes by?

9-2-2023 | 1

If you spent months cut off from the outside world, would you be able to tell if it was even day or night ?

Science & Technology

Consciousness may rely on brain cells acting collectively

8-20-2023 | 9

Neurophysiologist Par Halje looks at how research into psychedelics could help us understand consciousness.

Science & Technology

Could space-based solar power solve the world's energy problems ?

8-15-2023 | 6

The idea of harvesting solar energy in space and returning it to the Earth has been around for decades.

Science & Technology

Man builds insane replica of Short Circuit's Johnny 5 in his garage

 VIDEO  8-12-2023 | 5

The popular 1980s movie robot has been brought back to life thanks to the tireless efforts of Ryan Howard.

Science & Technology

Is the world's largest asteroid impact crater in New South Wales ?

8-11-2023 | 1

Scientist Andrew Glikson outlines the case for a 520km-wide crater situated deep beneath modern-day Australia.

Science & Technology

Scientist suggests that humans could theoretically live for 20,000 years

8-9-2023 | 19

A professor of molecular biogerontology has indicated that humans could potentially live for much longer than we do now.

Science & Technology

Who was Oppenheimer and what did he do before building the bomb ?

8-8-2023 | 1

A look at some of the early work of J. Robert Oppenheimer - the man known as the father of the atomic bomb.

Science & Technology

Scientists achieve nuclear fusion net energy gain for second time

8-7-2023 | 6

The achievement represents another step toward unlimited clean energy that could revolutionize the world.

Science & Technology

Excitement grows over potentially world-changing 'miracle material'

8-2-2023 | 9

A new type of superconductor called LK-99 has been dubbed one of the holy grails of physics and engineering.

Science & Technology

New study discovers how diamonds make their way to the surface

8-1-2023 | 1

Earth Sciences Professor Thomas Gernon takes a look at recent research into the secrets of diamonds.

Science & Technology

Scientists publish study into people who say others are allergic to them

7-31-2023 | 8

Researchers have found that there is something to the stories of people who claim that others get ill when they are around.

Science & Technology

Could rising temperatures release ancient pathogens preserved in ice ?

7-30-2023 | 27

Researchers outline the potential dangers posed by ancient pathogens being unleashed on an unsuspecting world.

Science & Technology

Einstein letter on religion and the universe to sell for $125,000

7-22-2023 | 2

The world-famous physicist Albert Einstein wrote a letter to a religious studies tutor back in April 1950.

Science & Technology

James Cameron on threat posed by AI: 'I warned you guys...'

7-20-2023 | 15

The 'Terminator' director maintains that he already warned mankind about the dangers of AI nearly 40 years ago.

Science & Technology

Scientist claims to have performed brain surgery on himself at home

7-19-2023 | 6

Michael Raduga reportedly lost a significant amount of blood while undertaking a 10-hour procedure on his own head.

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