Friday, June 18, 2021
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Humans can learn echolocation in 10 weeks
Category: Science & Technology | Posted on 6-5-2021 | 5 comments
A new experiment has shown that humans are quite capable of learning how to 'see' with sound.

Giant prehistoric bat walked on all fours
Category: Palaeontology | Posted on 6-21-2015 | 7 comments
Scientists have discovered a species of bat that was three times the size of any that are alive today.

Bats can use sonar jamming to steal food
Category: Natural World | Posted on 11-9-2014 | 9 comments
Mexican free-tailed bats have the remarkable ability to sabotage the food finding efforts of their peers.

Human 'super-senses' to become a reality
Category: Science & Technology | Posted on 10-14-2013 | 12 comments
Mankind no longer needs to rely on evolution to obtain new sensory perceptions and abilities.

Can humans 'see' using echolocation ?
Category: Science & Technology | Posted on 8-3-2013 | 16 comments
A team of researchers has developed an echolocation system that could enable a person to see using sound.

Can a dolphin see a developing baby ?
Category: Natural World | Posted on 7-11-2013 | 6 comments
Echolocation may provide dolphins with the unique ability to see a woman's developing fetus.

Dolphins can stay awake for 15 days at a time
Category: Natural World | Posted on 10-19-2012 | 4 comments
Dolphins have the ability to stay awake for weeks by sleeping with one half of their brain at a time.

Dolphins may be maths geniuses
Category: Natural World | Posted on 7-23-2012 | 19 comments
A new study suggests that dolphins may use complex nonlinear maths when hunting for fish.

Blind boy uses his ears to 'see'
Category: Metaphysics & Psychology | Posted on 10-7-2009 | 2 comments
Seven-year-old Lucas Murray is completely blind but is nonetheless able to see through a type of echolocation, a technique involving the use of clicks to pictur...

Science can't improve on bat's bizarre nose
Category: Natural World | Posted on 8-24-2009 | 6 comments
Scientists have been conducting a new study in an attempt to understand how the noses of horseshoe bats operate in producing sounds.

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