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World of the Bizarre

Woman narrowly escapes death as boulder crashes through her house

 VIDEO  2-1-2023 | 8

Caroline Sasaki was mere inches from certain death when a huge rock came crashing into her home at the weekend.

Space & Astronomy

NASA plans to give the moon its own moon

 VIDEO  3-26-2015 | 42

Robotic grapples will be used to place a boulder from a large asteroid in to orbit around the moon.

Modern Mysteries

Death Valley's sailing stones mystery solved

8-28-2014 | 27

A team of researchers has finally managed to explain how such large boulders can move all by themselves.

World of the Bizarre

Giant boulder narrowly misses car in Taiwan

 VIDEO  9-3-2013 | 19

Insane footage has emerged showing a driver narrowly escaping death by mere inches during a rainstorm.

Space & Astronomy

Evidence for shorelines on Mars

6-19-2009 | 5

Definitive evidence has been found of shorelines on Mars. Scientists at the University of Colorado-Boulder have found in...

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