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Science & Technology

Doomsday Clock holds at 5 'til midnight

1-16-2013 | 24

There will be no change to the hands of the infamous 'Doomsday Clock' this year, say scientists.

Science & Technology

Clock based on single atom developed

1-13-2013 | 2

A new clock is capable of telling the time using nothing more than a single cesium atom.

Science & Technology

Scientists to build clock that lasts forever

9-25-2012 | 10

Theoretical scientists have come up with a way to build a four-dimensional space-time crystal clock.

Science & Technology

Alarm clock requires PIN code to shut off

2-21-2012 | 16

A new alarm clock has been invented to make things more difficult for those who love the snooze button.

Modern Mysteries

Doomsday clock shifts back one minute

1-15-2010 | 10

The Doomsday Clock, a timepiece designed to represent how close we are to nuclear annihilation has been shifted back one minute.


Lost giants of Australia rediscovered

1-4-2010 | 18

Palaeontologists are working round the clock to uncover lost secrets of Australia's largest ever carnivores in a network of caves.

Science & Technology

A cure for jet lag ?

10-10-2009 | 1

Scientists have discovered how signals from the brain control our biological clocks, research which could lead to treatm...

Science & Technology

Tests begin on age-slowing drugs

8-22-2009 | 13

Scientists have started testing on drugs that could one day be used to increase human life span, delay old age or even r...

World of the Bizarre

Humans glow in visible light

7-26-2009 | 16

Japanese scientists have used incredibly sensitive cameras to capture the extremely faint glow being given off by a numb...

Science & Technology

World's most accurate clock unveiled

4-17-2009 | 9

The world's most accurate clock has been unveiled by scientists, the new atomic clock loses one second every 300 million...

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