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Science & Technology

Russian firm will freeze your brain when you die

1-16-2020 | 10

Looking for a way to cheat death? This firm will freeze your mortal remains in a vat of liquid nitrogen... for a fee.

Science & Technology

14-year-old wins right to cryogenic freezing

11-18-2016 | 6

A controversial court ruling has made it possible for a young cancer patient to be frozen after death.

Science & Technology

Scientists bring a frozen brain back to life

4-8-2016 | 18

In a world first, researchers have managed to successfully thaw a cryonically frozen rabbit brain.

Science & Technology

Company in new bid to resurrect frozen brains

 VIDEO  11-29-2015 | 12

Humai is aiming to make it possible to freeze someone's brain and resurrect them again within 30 years.

Science & Technology

Can cryonics bring a person back to life ?

8-18-2013 | 28

Thousands of people are queuing up to have their body cryogenically preserved after they die.

Science & Technology

Frozen in time: the world of cryonics

8-16-2011 | 8

Cryonics involves the freezing of a deceased person's body in the hope of being revived in the future.

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