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Science & Technology

Scientists are using stem cell technology to 'de-extinct' the dodo

2-19-2024 | 15

A US startup firm has come up with a plan to resurrect the dodo and return it to its natural habitat.

Science & Technology

De-extinction firm attracts $150M in funding to resurrect the dodo

2-2-2023 | 15

Texas-based firm Colossal Biosciences is already working on a way to bring back the long-extinct woolly mammoth.

Nature & Environment

Scientists reveal lost secrets of the dodo

8-26-2017 | 5

Relatively little is known about the iconic species which was wiped out by humans over 350 years ago.

Nature & Environment

Dodo skeleton sells at auction for $430,000

11-24-2016 | 8

The specimen is the first near-complete dodo skeleton to go up for sale at auction in almost a century.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Has a live dodo been caught on camera ?

 VIDEO  3-14-2015 | 140

A video has appeared online showing what looks like a dodo in trail camera footage from Costa Rica.

Nature & Environment

Scientists spot rare relative of the dodo

1-26-2014 | 12

Samoa's national bird, the Manumea, has finally been spotted for the first time in over ten years.

Nature & Environment

Last surviving Dodo egg could be tested

8-29-2010 | 7

The last known surviving egg of the extinct dodo could be sent away for DNA testing to confirm its prevalence.

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