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Science & Technology

Einstein space-time theory proof found

11-2-2009 | 3

Two highly charged particles that have arrived within a second of one another at Nasa's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope ...

Metaphysics & Psychology

Two-year-old with same IQ as Einstein

10-11-2009 | 50

Remarkable two-year-old Oscar Wrigley has become the youngest boy in Britain to be accepted into Mensa with an IQ the sa...

Science & Technology

Taking a closer look at Einstein's brain

4-21-2009 | 3

When Albert Einstein died in 1955 his brain was removed and preserved for study, today part of it is kept at the Univers...

World of the Bizarre

6-year-old has higher IQ than Einstein

3-21-2009 | 25

Six year old Pranav Veera is believed to have an IQ higher than Einstein's, this seemingly ordinary youngster is said to...

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