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Science & Technology

Einstein letter on religion and the universe to sell for $125,000

7-22-2023 | 2

The world-famous physicist Albert Einstein wrote a letter to a religious studies tutor back in April 1950.

Space & Astronomy

'Einstein Rings' could help us to solve the mystery of dark matter

4-24-2023 | 0

Distorted images of deep space caused by gravitational lensing could provide a clue to this long-running enigma.

Space & Astronomy

What would happen if you moved at twice the speed of light ?

5-24-2022 | 24

Einstein's theory of relativity would seem to preclude the possibility, but what if it could be done ?

Space & Astronomy

Light detected from behind a black hole

 VIDEO  7-31-2021 | 13

The unexpected discovery succeeds in proving Einstein's theory of general relativity right once again.

Science & Technology

Lost Einstein letter links physics and biology

5-13-2021 | 0

A newly unearthed letter from the celebrated physicist cements just how ahead of his time he actually was.

Science & Technology

99th element 'Einsteinium' reveals its secrets

2-4-2021 | 1

Scientists have made new discoveries about a mysterious element that is named after Albert Einstein.

Science & Technology

First image of quantum entanglement revealed

7-13-2019 | 13

For the first time ever, scientists have managed to capture Einstein's 'spooky' phenomenon on camera.

Space & Astronomy

General relativity is proven right once again

7-5-2018 | 8

A new study has managed to prove that Einstein's theory still holds up even under extreme conditions.

Science & Technology

Einstein's 'secret to happiness' revealed

10-24-2017 | 51

Albert Einstein's handwritten notes on the secret to living a happy life have resurfaced after 95 years.

Science & Technology

Einstein's papers now available online

12-7-2014 | 9

Thousands of Albert Einstein's original documents have been uploaded by the Princeton University Press.

Science & Technology

Albert Einstein's brain 'not so special'

5-31-2014 | 34

Psychologist Terence Hines has debunked previous claims that Einstein's brain had special properties.

Science & Technology

What was it that made Einstein a genius ?

10-6-2013 | 28

Researchers have long pondered over what factors played a role in making Albert Einstein so clever.

Science & Technology

Einstein - the brain of a genius

11-20-2012 | 6

Scientists have discovered some unusual features within the brain of the late Albert Einstein.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Do Einstein's laws prove ghosts exist?

11-11-2011 | 77

Could Einstein's law of energy conservation help to offer evidence for the existence of ghosts ?

Modern Mysteries

Einstein's immigration papers turn up

5-10-2011 | 7

The immigration card belonging to Albert Einstein was recently discovered at Heathrow Airport.

Space & Astronomy

Telescope to pick up gravitational waves

4-18-2011 | 5

The new underground Einstein telescope could allow scientists to directly see a black hole.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Unlocking the mysteries of Einstein's genius

6-4-2010 | 4

In a controversial move Thomas Harvey who performed an autopsy on Einstein removed his brain and made off with it.

Science & Technology

Last photographs of Einstein's desk released

4-25-2010 | 8

Pictures of Albert Einstein's Princeton desk only a few hours after he died have been shown for the first time.

Science & Technology

Hadron Collider could form black holes

4-17-2010 | 24

New calculations based on equations devised by Albert Einstein support the idea that the LHC can form black holes.

Science & Technology

Relativity now 10,000 times more accurate

2-22-2010 | 1

Physicists in the United States have succeeded in proving Einstein's theory of relativity 10,000 times more accurately.

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