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Pterodactyl fossil reveals complex flight

8-10-2009 | 5

Studies of a pterodactyl fossil have shown that the creature had complex wing fibers that would have enabled it to fly w...

Space & Astronomy

Apollo 11 astronauts call for mission to Mars

7-20-2009 | 17

40 years on from the first historic mission to the Moon the Apollo 11 astronauts have made a rare joint appearance in an...

Metaphysics & Psychology

Swearing can reduce the feeling of pain

7-13-2009 | 44

Swearing can help reduce the feeling of physical pain scientists have found, it is thought this could have been part of ...

Space & Astronomy

Russia to approve new Moon rocket

3-19-2009 | 4

For the first time since 1964 the Russian space programme is making the Moon its main objective as Russian officials pre...

Space & Astronomy

Virgin Galactic tests SpaceShipTwo

3-15-2009 | 2

Virgin Galactic are performing test flights of their new WhiteKnightTwo, a large aircraft that will be instrumental in l...

Archaeology & History

New Da Vinci portrait uncovered

3-2-2009 | 4

A previously unseen sketch of a young Leonardo Da Vinci has been discovered underneath some writing on a page of his 'Co...

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