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Science & Technology

Hypnotized patients undergo brain surgery

1-1-2016 | 7

Hypnosis has been found to be a viable alternative to anesthesia for patients undergoing brain surgery.


'Hypnotist bandit' robs four banks in a month

6-24-2014 | 15

A robber who allegedly hypnotizes bank tellers in to giving him money is being pursued by police.


Woman robbed after being placed in a trance

3-12-2014 | 15

Police in Germany are hunting two hypnotists in connection with a spate of unusual robberies.


New trial for RFK assassin Sirhan Sirhan

11-30-2011 | 32

Bullet switching and alleged hypnosis are part of new evidence in re-opened Sirhan trial.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Woman undergoes gastric band hypnosis

7-15-2010 | 16

A woman has lost four stone after being hypnotised in to believing that she's had a gastric band fitted.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Mother slims after gastric band hypnosis

4-17-2010 | 0

In an interesting twist a woman has lost weight after she was hypnotised in to believing she had a gastric band.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Hypnotist to put whole nation in a trance

12-31-2009 | 33

Hypnotist Chris Hughes has said he is going to place the whole nation in a trance using Twitter and Facebook as part of ...

Metaphysics & Psychology

Police to study hypnosis techniques

12-20-2009 | 9

Hypnosis techniques are being proposed as a new branch of training for police officers in the UK to help encourage witne...

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