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Metaphysics & Psychology

Boy in Serbia claimed to be magnetic

2-26-2011 | 34

7-year-old Bogdan is able to make a host of different metal objects and even plates stick to his skin.

Space & Astronomy

Two huge holes spotted in the sun

2-16-2011 | 20

Scientists in Japan have identified two large holes in the sun's magnetic field via the Hinode satellite.

Science & Technology

Magnetic North shift leads to airport closing

1-9-2011 | 45

Tampa International Airport shuts down temporarily so workers can perform maintenance.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Schoolgirl with magnetic hands

9-13-2010 | 15

A schoolgirl from Serbia has astounded medics by being able to stick objects magnetically to her hands.

Science & Technology

Earth's magnetic field flipped superfast

9-5-2010 | 12

While magnetic field reversals usually take 4,000 years evidence has been found of one that went a lot faster.

Space & Astronomy

Messenger probe performs final Mercury flyby

7-16-2010 | 1

NASA's Messenger probe has revealed intense electromagnetic storms in the planet's magnetic "tail".

Space & Astronomy

Music of the sun recorded by scientists

6-21-2010 | 7

For the first time scientists have recorded the eerie musical harmonies produced by the sun's magnetic field.

Space & Astronomy

Solar winds triggered by magnetic fields

11-24-2009 | 1

A new study based on images returned by the Japanese-UK-US Hinode satellite has found that the solar wind generated by t...

Ghosts & Hauntings

Scientists create "haunted room" experiment

11-2-2009 | 15

In an effort to test whether or not it's possible to artificially induce paranormal experiences scientists have created ...

Science & Technology

'Magnetic electricity' discovered

10-16-2009 | 4

The magnetic equivalent to electricity has been discovered, dubbed magnetricity the phenomenon involves the use of magne...

Space & Astronomy

Radiation prevents manned Mars mission

9-19-2009 | 19

Radiation may prove to be the single biggest hurdle in putting a human on the planet Mars. Without the protective atmosp...

Science & Technology

Invisible doorways one step closer

8-13-2009 | 7

A new theory has been developed that could take us one step closer to invisible doorways such as that on platform 9 and ...

Space & Astronomy

Where did Mars' magnetic field go ?

5-10-2009 | 9

It is believed that the magnetic field of Mars that may have once made it possible for life to have survived there could...

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