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Strange humanoid-shaped object filmed in the skies over California

By T.K. Randall
April 21, 2024 · Comment icon 17 comments
Humanoid object over California.
The object was filmed and witnessed by several people. Image Credit: Twitter / @528vibes
Onlookers were left perplexed by the appearance of a UFO that happened to be shaped a bit like a human.
We've seen a lot of videos and pictures over the years of strange, sometimes indescribable objects in the sky, but this particular example is perhaps one the weirdest we've seen so far.

Footage of the anomalous object, which was filmed over Sequoia Park in California, was shared last week by the Twitter user @528vibes who described it as a "flying humanoid".

At first, the footage is a bit difficult to make out as the object itself isn't in proper focus.

Over time, however, it's possible to make out that the object has a distinctly human-like shape.

If you speed up the clip (or just slide the position marker along), the object actually looks like a figure rotating and tumbling through the air with arms and legs flailing in all directions.

So what on Earth could this be ?
One possibility is that it is some sort of novelty human-shaped balloon (it has been suggested that it could be an astronaut, a Stormtrooper or the Michelin Man) that is being carried along by the wind.

It's also possible that the object's human-like shape could be an optical illusion.

Whatever the case, it's certainly a weird piece of footage.

You can check out a couple of videos taken from different angles below.

Source: American Military News | Comments (17)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #8 Posted by Resume 28 days ago
 . . .  Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!
Comment icon #9 Posted by csspwns 28 days ago
Comment icon #10 Posted by Sir Wearer of Hats 28 days ago
Comment icon #11 Posted by Ell 28 days ago
Probably a spider, dangling on a thread from the street light.
Comment icon #12 Posted by Myles 28 days ago
I do not know why they call it human shaped.
Comment icon #13 Posted by Raptor Witness 27 days ago
Best laugh of the week, so far ... 
Comment icon #14 Posted by Unusual Tournament 27 days ago
Very interesting 
Comment icon #15 Posted by The man in the tan jacket 27 days ago
Glow cloud
Comment icon #16 Posted by Abramelin 27 days ago
You'll probably be terrified at a children's party, right? You know, all these balloons floating around, and your meter going crazy...
Comment icon #17 Posted by Montello 26 days ago
alien spaceship

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