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Old Louisiana courthouse sees reports of 'unexplainable' occurrences

By T.K. Randall
April 22, 2024 · Comment icon 70 comments
St Landry Parish Courthouse.
A drawing of the courthouse made over 150 years ago. Image Credit: Public Domain - 1863
Recent renovation works have seemingly stirred up paranormal phenomena at the St Landry Parish courthouse.
Something strange is going on in Louisiana - that is, at least, according to Parish President Jessie Bellard who maintains that recent renovation works at the local courthouse have stirred up something potentially supernatural.

The historic building had always been home to stories of strange sightings and unexplained phenomena, but it wasn't until the recent works started that the activity began again in earnest.

"It's been a lot of activity over here, but the recent few days, I'm seeing myself," said Bellard.

The strange occurrences, which range from equipment activating on its own to staff hearing the sounds of a judge's gavel in the courtroom when there is nobody else there, seem to happen the most in rooms that are either undergoing renovation or where renovation will soon be starting.
"Last week we had a flood up on 206, which is two floors above me now, and it flooded that room, the clerk of courts offices from one end to the other," said Bellard.

"No rhyme or reason of why it did it. We've got plumbers over here to come look at it, and they ran cameras through all the lines and nothing. There's nothing that can happen."

"Nothing that made any sense."

It later turned out that the flooding coincided with the original location of the jail toilets.

"We don't have an explanation yet as to why it did what it did," said Bellard.

"There's nothing. So, we're hoping to find out more, you know, but we haven't."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #61 Posted by openozy 20 days ago
I know teenage girls stir up paranormal stuff, I didn't know it was sexual repression but that makes sense.
Comment icon #62 Posted by TashaMarie 19 days ago
I have experienced several Deja Vu moments where I feel like I have already dreamt of the current situation. However, I believe that it could be because something similar to my dream is happening, and my subconscious mind adds extra details to make it fit. But, I have never experienced a situation where I feel like I have already visited a place I have never been to or know something I shouldn't.
Comment icon #63 Posted by Antigonos 19 days ago
It was a theory first proposed by 19th/early 20th century psychical researchers. They tried to explain historical reports of “poltergeist phenomena” that often centered around adolescent girls by linking it to the onset of puberty; that the mental, emotional and physical stresses young women went through were strong enough to somehow unlock hypothetical latent telekinetic abilities in certain individuals.
Comment icon #64 Posted by the13bats 19 days ago
Or makes them delusional and attention seeking.
Comment icon #65 Posted by openozy 19 days ago
Having raised three daughters, it did kick up stuff around the home which I've written about before.
Comment icon #66 Posted by Antigonos 18 days ago
Definitely attention seeking, especially at that age.  I’m not sure what your laugh emoji was about, what I said about the history of the theory, what it consisted of, and the men who proposed it was accurate.  
Comment icon #67 Posted by and-then 18 days ago
I've experienced that twice.  Once a few weeks prior to my first visit to DC and the other one was while I was in Basic training at Fort Jackson.  That one was kind of eerie.  There's a school there to train drill sergeants and when I saw the building I even thought I knew the layout inside.
Comment icon #68 Posted by the13bats 17 days ago
This... There is zero proof of telekinetic ability, it's just another way some who believe in paranormal try to claim they or others have special powers, my chuckle wasn't at you but rather the researchers tying to sell that with of course zero to support such claims. When I worked at the sanitaria botanica was the same time the craft came out almost daily girls came in hunting spells and pretending they have powers , look at the thread on here where young girls tried to kill to appease some mythical imaginary entities. I guess they got the attention they wanted, special powers, not so much.
Comment icon #69 Posted by the13bats 17 days ago
Did you know they layout or just thought you did?  
Comment icon #70 Posted by openozy 17 days ago
You don't need special powers to think outside the box ?.

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