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Space & Astronomy

NASA's next Mars rover is attached to rocket

7-10-2020 | 1

The Perseverance Mars rover has been attached to an Atlas V rocket in preparation for its epic journey.

Space & Astronomy

Green glow detected on Mars for the first time

6-17-2020 | 0

An orbiting spacecraft has picked up a phenomenon that, until now at least, had only been seen on Earth.

Space & Astronomy

Martian moons may have once formed rings

6-3-2020 | 8

An increasing body of evidence suggests that Mars may have once had its own spectacular ring system.

Space & Astronomy

Mars colonists could be genetically modified

5-23-2020 | 6

For future settlers, living and working on Mars could mean having to undergo genetic modification.

Space & Astronomy

Musk will need 10,000 nukes to terraform Mars

5-19-2020 | 23

The SpaceX CEO has responded to the claim that his plans to terraform the Red Planet are largely impractical.

Space & Astronomy

Pockets of salty water on Mars may be common

5-12-2020 | 0

A new study has indicated that salty water may be more common on the Martian surface than previously believed.

Space & Astronomy

Fixed nitrogen found inside Martian meteorite

 VIDEO  5-4-2020 | 6

For the first time ever, organic compounds containing nitrogen have been found inside a meteorite from Mars.

Space & Astronomy

NASA reveals how it will retrieve a piece of Mars

4-18-2020 | 7

The Mars sample-return mission will be one of the most challenging interplanetary endeavours ever undertaken.

Space & Astronomy

Super high-resolution Mars panorama revealed

 VIDEO  3-8-2020 | 20

NASA's Curiosity rover has captured a panorama made up of over 1,000 images of the Martian surface.

Space & Astronomy

Official name of Mars 2020 rover is revealed

3-6-2020 | 15

NASA has finally decided upon a name for its upcoming Mars rover and no, it's not called Rover McRoverface.

Space & Astronomy

Mars organic compounds 'consistent with life'

3-5-2020 | 8

Scientists believe that organic compounds known as thiophenes could be an indicator of life on Mars.

Space & Astronomy

Mysterious cave on Mars prompts speculation

3-3-2020 | 22

NASA has released a fascinating photograph showing a large cave entrance on the slopes of a Martian volcano.

Space & Astronomy

Japan to launch Phobos sample-return mission

2-21-2020 | 0

Japan's space agency has greenlighted an ambitious mission to retrieve a piece of Mars' moon Phobos.


Scientist 'almost certain' that Europa hosts life

2-8-2020 | 13

A leading British space scientist maintains that Jupiter's icy moon is very likely to be home to alien organisms.

Space & Astronomy

Mars 2020 rover to launch within 7 months

12-29-2019 | 19

NASA has confirmed that it has almost completed work on its upcoming robotic Mars exploration rover.


University in U-turn over Mars 'insects' research

12-1-2019 | 70

A press release concerning an Ohio University scientist's discovery of insects on Mars has been taken down.

Space & Astronomy

First Mars samples will be quarantined on Earth

11-24-2019 | 11

NASA and ESA are planning an ambitious mission to return samples of Mars to the Earth for the first time.


Photos show 'insects' on Mars, claims scientist

11-19-2019 | 70

A professor emeritus at Ohio University claims that photos taken on Mars show actual live alien 'insects'.

Space & Astronomy

Mystery oxygen fluctuations detected on Mars

11-13-2019 | 4

The long-running mystery of methane on Mars has now been joined by another perplexing enigma - oxygen.


NASA scientist: 'We already found life on Mars'

10-12-2019 | 18

Gilbert Levin, who worked on the two Viking landers, maintains that evidence of alien life was found in 1976.

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