Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Space & Astronomy

NASA publishes 'Penguin and Egg' image of merging galaxies

7-16-2024 | 6

This impressive astronomical spectacle happens to bear a resemblance to a particular flightless seabird.

The UFO Phenomenon

NASA astronaut's 1965 UFO sighting was solved many years later

7-8-2024 | 8

Astronaut Jim McDivitt had reported seeing an object shaped like a beer can outside the Gemini 4 capsule.


NASA's upcoming alien-hunting telescope could find Earth 2.0 by 2050

7-3-2024 | 2

A proposed new telescope - the Habitable Worlds Observatory - could make finding alien life a reality.

Space & Astronomy

Elon Musk has been tasked with destroying the space station in 2030

6-27-2024 | 20

NASA has assigned the task of decommissioning the iconic orbital platform to none other than Elon Musk.

Space & Astronomy

Nuclear-powered plasma rocket could get humans to Mars in two months

5-9-2024 | 0

NASA is currently funding a revolutionary new propulsion system that could make it much easier to travel to Mars.


NASA scientist debunks 'alien spire on the Moon' conspiracy theory

4-22-2024 | 31

An eagle-eyed anomaly hunter had discovered what looked like a spire-like structure in a NASA photo of the Moon.


NASA makes major announcement about Mars sample-return mission

4-16-2024 | 19

Major change is afoot regarding NASA's plans to return samples of Martian soil and rock to the Earth.

The UFO Phenomenon

NASA offers explanation for mysterious object orbiting the Moon

4-13-2024 | 0

NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) recently photographed a curious object moving at high speed.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

NASA invited to help scan Loch Ness as part of major new monster hunt

4-11-2024 | 18

The Loch Ness Monster Centre has officially invited NASA to participate in the latest hunt for Nessie.

Space & Astronomy

If there is alien life on Europa, we might soon know about it

4-10-2024 | 9

NASA's Europa Clipper spacecraft will be carrying an instrument that may be capable of detecting signs of primitive life.

Space & Astronomy

'Moon Racer' lunar buggy shortlisted for NASA's Artemis V mission

4-7-2024 | 0

If this early concept image is anything to go by, the astronauts could soon be zooming around on the Moon in style.

Space & Astronomy

Hopes for life on Europa diminish as probe finds lower oxygen levels

3-6-2024 | 5

NASA's Juno spacecraft has sampled Europa's atmosphere and discovered less oxygen than had been expected.

Science & Technology

NASA highlights mystery of UFO-like 'Cavum clouds' in satellite image

3-2-2024 | 2

The phenomenon, which looks like someone has punched holes in the cloud cover, had puzzled scientists for decades.

Space & Astronomy

NASA's Ingenuity Mars mission ends after rotor suffers damage

 VIDEO  1-27-2024 | 5

The pint-sized helicopter exceeded everyone's wildest expectations having flown 72 missions over 3 years.

World of the Bizarre

Star Trek Starfleet logo spotted by Curiosity rover on Mars

1-25-2024 | 1

NASA's decade-old rover recently spotted something rather familiar while trundling across the surface of the Red Planet.

Science & Technology

NASA officially unveils 'son of Concorde' X-59 quiet supersonic plane

 VIDEO  1-16-2024 | 24

The futuristic aircraft can reach supersonic speeds without producing deafening sonic booms.

Space & Astronomy

NASA's next two Artemis Moon missions have been delayed again

1-14-2024 | 5

We may have to wait a little bit longer than originally planned to witness the next human stepping foot on the lunar surface.

Space & Astronomy

NASA publishes festive image of distant 'Christmas Tree Cluster'

 VIDEO  12-22-2023 | 6

Just in time for the festive season, the image shows a cluster of young stars that happens to resemble a Christmas tree.

Space & Astronomy

NASA astronaut photographs giant 'skull' in the Sahara desert

11-1-2023 | 6

The image, which was recently featured on NASA's website, shows what looks like a giant cranium on the desert floor.

Science & Technology

NASA to test its secretive X-59 supersonic plane in 2024

10-31-2023 | 24

This cutting-edge experimental aircraft will be capable of breaking the sound barrier without creating loud sonic booms.

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