Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Space & Astronomy

Mysterious balanced rock discovered on Mars

6-20-2022 | 16

NASA's Perseverance rover has photographed a small rock balanced precariously on top of a larger rock.

The UFO Phenomenon

NASA launches its own investigation into UFOs

6-10-2022 | 9

The US space agency has thrown its hat into the ring with a new effort to investigate unidentified arial phenomena.

Space & Astronomy

Mystery as NASA investigates anomalous Voyager 1 telemetry

5-22-2022 | 21

The long-lived space probe has been sending back some unusual data and nobody can figure out why.

Space & Astronomy

'Something weird' happening with the universe, says NASA

5-21-2022 | 8

Data from the Hubble Space Telescope has highlighted a discrepancy with regard to the expansion of the cosmos.

Space & Astronomy

NASA InSight lander is running out of power

 VIDEO  5-18-2022 | 5

The space probe, which landed in the Elysium Planitia region of Mars in 2018, is now in its final months.

Space & Astronomy

NASA image shows what looks like a door on Mars

5-12-2022 | 26

NASA's Curiosity rover has captured a photograph of what appears to be a doorway carved into the rock.

Space & Astronomy

Ingenuity photographs eerie wreckage on surface of Mars

 VIDEO  4-30-2022 | 12

NASA's plucky helicopter has captured close-up images of the wreckage from Perseverance's arrival on Mars.

Space & Astronomy

NASA 'holoports' a doctor onto the space station

4-19-2022 | 7

In a world first, a doctor on Earth appeared in real-time aboard the ISS using augmented reality technology.

Space & Astronomy

NASA reveals discovery of largest comet ever seen

4-17-2022 | 1

The enormous comet is thought to have a nucleus 50 times larger than would normally be expected.

Space & Astronomy

All-civilian Ax-1 crew arrive on the space station

 VIDEO  4-10-2022 | 2

NASA's first foray into space tourism has gone without a hitch with the crew of four now safely aboard the ISS.

Space & Astronomy

NASA to launch three amateur astronauts to ISS this week

4-4-2022 | 2

The highly unprecedented mission will be the first time NASA has ever launched tourists to the space station.

Space & Astronomy

First ever lunar dust samples go up for auction

4-3-2022 | 2

Samples of the lunar surface collected during the Apollo 11 mission are going up for sale and NASA is not happy.

Space & Astronomy

Hubble discovers most distant single star ever seen

 VIDEO  3-31-2022 | 26

NASA has announced its mystery reveal - the record-breaking detection of a star 12.9 billion light years away.

Space & Astronomy

NASA to announce mystery Hubble discovery next week

3-26-2022 | 13

The space agency is expected to announce an intriguing new discovery made using the Hubble Space Telescope.

Space & Astronomy

NASA set to roll world's largest rocket out to the launch pad

 VIDEO  3-17-2022 | 15

The first mission of NASA's Artemis moon program will be launching within the next few months.

Space & Astronomy

NASA is about to open a tube of lunar soil from 1972 for the first time

3-12-2022 | 3

The tube, which was collected by the crew of the Apollo 17 mission, has remained untouched for 50 years.

Space & Astronomy

60th anniversary of John Glenn's orbital spaceflight

 VIDEO  2-21-2022 | 1

On February 20th, 1962, NASA astronaut John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth.

Space & Astronomy

De-orbiting the ISS - will we be in any danger ?

2-20-2022 | 2

NASA will be decommissioning the space station in 2031, but given its size, how will it go about doing so safely ?

Space & Astronomy

Visible light from surface of Venus captured from space for first time

 VIDEO  2-10-2022 | 3

NASA's Parker Solar Probe recently captured images of Venus unlike any seen before.

Space & Astronomy

ISS will end up at the bottom of the sea in 2031

2-3-2022 | 5

NASA has confirmed its plans for the decommissioning and final de-orbiting of the long-lived space station.

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