Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Science & Technology

Samsung reveals its 'artificial human' Neon

 VIDEO  1-7-2020 | 25

The tech giant has lifted the lid on a type of super-realistic digital person unlike anything seen before.

Science & Technology

Samsung teases reveal of 'artificial human' AI

 VIDEO  12-30-2019 | 25

The technology giant will be revealing a potentially 'next level' artificial intelligence known as NEON next week.

Natural World

Major new study investigates bee collapse

6-30-2017 | 2

The research has indicated that neonicotinoid pesticides are harmful to both honeybees and wild bees.

Science & Technology

Robot solves Rubik's Cube in under a second

 VIDEO  11-11-2016 | 5

German technology company Infineon has broken the world record by solving the puzzle in 0.637 seconds.


Mystery pink bottles wash up along UK coast

1-5-2016 | 24

A beach in Cornwall has been deluged by thousands of bright neon pink bottles over the last few days.

The UFO Phenomenon

Triangular UFO spotted over Russia

10-29-2009 | 4

Earlier this month residents of Saint Petersburg sighted a triangular object hovering over apartment buildings, the obje...

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