Saturday, December 9, 2023
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New study suggests that Otzi the Iceman wasn't who we thought he was

8-23-2023 | 8

Researchers have determined that previous findings concerning the Iceman's ancestry were likely to be wrong.


Otzi the Iceman yields world's oldest blood

5-6-2015 | 24

Scientists have succeeded in identifying red blood cells inside a man frozen in ice for over 5,000 years.

Space & Astronomy

NASA teases 'historic' Mars discovery

11-21-2012 | 114

Curiosity's chief scientist John Grotzinger has described the find as 'one for the history books'.

Archaeology & History

Otzi the iceman was native to Central Europe

11-13-2012 | 10

New findings have shown that Otzi was very much like other Stone Age farmers found throughout Europe.


Iceman Otzi's last meal finally determined

6-24-2011 | 18

Otzi the iceman has been the subject of research and study since his discovery in a glacier in 1991.

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