Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Science & Technology

Scientists invent world's blackest material

 VIDEO  10-26-2015 | 17

The new material is so completely and utterly black that it absorbs 99% of all the light that hits it.

Science & Technology

Smart solar panels could replace roadways

 VIDEO  6-2-2014 | 39

A record number of backers are helping to crowdfund a revolutionary new type of road covering.

Space & Astronomy

Japan to place giant solar belt around moon

11-30-2013 | 43

A Japanese firm is aiming to build a huge 250-mile-wide belt of solar panels around the moon's equator.

Space & Astronomy

Juno solar panels complete testing

5-31-2011 | 4

The solar panels that will power the Juno spacecraft on its trip to Jupiter have completed their testing.

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