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Modern Mysteries

Mystery object falls from the sky during lightning storm

 VIDEO  5-7-2022 | 24

A meat packing plant worker recently captured footage of an unidentified object falling from the heavens.

Space & Astronomy

Final shuttle launch delayed by weather ?

7-8-2011 | 5

The last ever space shuttle launch is likely to be delayed due to rain and thunderstorms in Florida.

Space & Astronomy

Record-breaking storm on Saturn

9-21-2009 | 1

A vast storm that started on Saturn back in January has now become the Solar System's longest observed lightning storm. ...

The UFO Phenomenon

Could 'sprites' explain some UFO sightings ?

2-24-2009 | 7

A recently discovered natural phenomenon known as 'sprites' have been observed as flashing lights that appear in the atm...

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