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Science & Technology

Amazon is working on an AI household robot

7-13-2019 | 6

Reports indicate that web giant Amazon is ramping up development of its upcoming consumer oriented robot.

Space & Astronomy

Evidence of flowing water found on Vesta

1-26-2015 | 14

Scientists have discovered indications that liquid water was once present on the asteroid's surface.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO sighted over New York State

8-24-2012 | 98

A silvery disc-shaped object was sighted over the town of Vestal this month by Brian Titus.

Space & Astronomy

Secrets of large asteroid revealed

5-11-2012 | 5

NASA's Dawn spacecraft has returned a wealth of information during its analysis of the asteroid Vesta.

Space & Astronomy

First close-up image of asteroid Vesta

7-19-2011 | 7

NASA's Dawn spacecraft has taken a stunning close-up photograph of the asteroid it now orbits.

Space & Astronomy

Dawn spacecraft approaches asteroid Vesta

6-16-2011 | 5

NASA's Dawn spacecraft has taken remarkable images of its approach towards the massive asteroid.

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