Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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Spirit phones: can we use technology to talk to the dead?

May 30, 2024 · Comment icon 7 comments
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Comments (7)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Lucia62 13 days ago
Thank you  ? ??
Comment icon #2 Posted by ouija ouija 12 days ago
I like how the videos are calm and measured .
Comment icon #3 Posted by Shadowsfall 12 days ago
Another interesting video Saru……not sure about spirit voices etc tho I did have a ghostly experience as a young man ….tho I have researched different explanations for it but as of yet it’s in the not sure basket ….finally I agree with ouija ouija that when Davis Attenborough finally retires we have found an ideal replacement…..
Comment icon #4 Posted by Saru 11 days ago
"And here we see the dominant male Loch Ness Monster, scavenging for food at the water's edge..." Hmm, not sure about that ?
Comment icon #5 Posted by Piney 11 days ago
I just subscribed. 
Comment icon #6 Posted by Shadowsfall 10 days ago
If you get Maw,Paw or the wean Loch Ness Monster to the banks of the loch you’re gonna have a lot of people knocking on your door …..David Attenborough included…..quite a few from UM too I should imagine…..?
Comment icon #7 Posted by Kittens Are Jerks 4 days ago
Took you long enough lol. I was subscriber #2. I'd like to know who beat me to the punch.

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