Friday, July 19, 2024
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The UFO Phenomenon

MUFON unveils unidentifiable 'alien material' at annual symposium

 VIDEO  7-19-2024 | 7

The Mutual UFO Network showed off mysterious material that is thought to be from an alien spacecraft.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Witness from Missouri claims to have communicated with 'Bigfoot'

 VIDEO  7-18-2024 | 14

An audio clip detailing a man's alleged encounter with a strange creature has recently resurfaced online.

Space & Astronomy

How long would it take us to journey to an alien planet ?

 QM EPISODE  7-11-2024 | 8

The distances between stars are vast - but just how long would it take us to travel between them ?

Modern Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries is returning for a fourth season on Netflix

 VIDEO  7-9-2024 | 1

The modern reboot of the iconic TV series is returning with another set of episodes on Netflix later this month.

World of the Bizarre

Man with three legs waits at railway crossing in weird viral clip

 VIDEO  7-7-2024 | 13

A very strange clip has appeared on social media showing a man with an anomalous extra limb.


Spielberg's lost alien movie and the real-life incident that inspired it

 QM EPISODE  7-4-2024 | 7

The Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter saw a family allegedly terrorized by small, gremlin-like alien entities.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery of India's 16,500ft-high 'lake of skeletons' still intrigues

 VIDEO  7-2-2024 | 8

High up in the Himalayan mountains lies a mysterious and macabre spectacle - a lake filled with skeletons.


Titanic exhibit mysteriously floods in allegedly 'haunted' museum

 VIDEO  6-30-2024 | 22

A Titanic exhibit at a museum near Chicago has inexplicably flooded and nobody can figure out how.

Nature & Environment

Huge sinkhole opens up underneath football pitch in Illinois

 VIDEO  6-29-2024 | 1

CCTV camera footage captured the moment a large portion of the pitch was swallowed up by a gaping hole.

Modern Mysteries

Spirits and echoes: the secrets of Devil's Church cave

 QM EPISODE  6-27-2024 | 4

Finland's Pirunkirkko cave is home to a unique phenomenon that makes it a popular place to contact spirits.

Science & Technology

Japanese scientists develop robot face grown from human skin cells

 VIDEO  6-26-2024 | 13

Capable of producing a cheesy grin, this extremely creepy creation could be the first step toward life-like robots.

Science & Technology

Secretive 'Manta Ray' underwater drone spotted on Google Maps

 VIDEO  6-25-2024 | 8

The next-generation vehicle was inadvertently picked up on satellite images at the Port Hueneme naval base in California.

World of the Bizarre

Absurd 25ft contraption is the world's tallest rideable bicycle

 VIDEO  6-22-2024 | 2

This ridiculous bike, which towers above the ground, was put together by two friends in France.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

The Yeti: is the Abominable Snowman a real animal?

 QM EPISODE  6-20-2024 | 16

Does an undiscovered ape-like creature roam the forests and mountain slopes of the Himalayas?

The UFO Phenomenon

'Alien Encounters: Fact or Fiction' launches on Discovery Channel

 VIDEO  6-20-2024 | 13

The new show, which investigates UFOs and paranormal encounters, features Mitch Horowitz and Chrissy Newton.


Researchers are seeking UFO and paranormal files in Vatican's archives

 VIDEO  6-20-2024 | 39

The Vatican is thought to be in possession of a wealth of rare documents concerning unexplained phenomena.


Virgin Mary statue 'cries tears of blood' at church in Mexico

 VIDEO  6-18-2024 | 32

The phenomenon has been hailed as a miracle, prompting an investigation by church officials.

The UFO Phenomenon

Sian Eleri returns with new BBC series about mass UFO sighting

 VIDEO  6-15-2024 | 2

The Radio 1 presenter has returned with a second series of popular show 'Paranormal with Sian Eleri'.

Space & Astronomy

Alien statue or optical illusion? The story of the Face on Mars

 QM EPISODE  6-13-2024 | 13

Discovered on Mars in 1976, could this face-like structure be evidence of aliens, or something else ?

The UFO Phenomenon

Robert Taylor: the man who was attacked by a UFO

 QM EPISODE  6-6-2024 | 13

Robert Taylor encountered something strange in the woods near Dechmont Law, Scotland in 1979.

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