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Electronic Voice Phenomena

Also EVP.

Phenomenon in which voices believed to be those of the deceased can be captured on audio recording equipment. True EVP is considered to be audio of a disembodied voice that turns up on the recording but that cannot be heard at the time the recording is made. There is a great deal of controversy surrounding EVPs, the method of performing 'EVP work' has been popularised by its use in recent TV shows such as Ghost Hunters and has become a staple of paranormal investigations.

Capturing voices

Typically an investigator will bring a digital voice recorder or other audio recording equipment to a haunted location and press record while either sitting in silence or asking a series of questions to a possible spirit to see if they can get any answers. The tape is later played back, often with the volume amplified and listened to carefully to see if there are any voices on it. Some EVPs are quite distinct, others are very garbled and open to interpretation - it is often difficult to determine if a recorded sound is a voice and if so, what it could be saying.


Some believe that EVPs do indeed represent the voices of the dead while others are not convinced. Some believe them to be too easy to hoax or that the sounds can be attributed to the picking up of radio transmissions.

Thomas Edison believed that it was possible to build a device with which the voices of the dead could be picked up and while several experiments have been conducted over the years in to building a working communications device nobody has succeeded.

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