Monday, April 24, 2017
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Image credit: Rachel Kleypas-Sparrow

Uploader comment: I had just bought a new camera in 2009. I have recorded paranormal phenomenon at our flat using other cameras before we got illegally evicted from our home. My neighbour did not like the phenomenon around me and feared me. I have had this sort of experience and more from the age of four. I am 50 next month. I always try to document what I sense,see or hear. On this occassion,I was experimenting with the settings on the camera to familarise myself with it. When I took this photo-I had seen an orb in the room. It left before I could capture it. This light anomaly was captured after the orb left the room. What I see is an angel but what kind I do not know. My neighbour and her family have very dark energy and thrive on greed and avarice towards their neighbours. I think a lot of what I was getting was trying to warn me and my husband we were in danger. I got various degrees of phenomena on camera that was on my laptop that I lost in the eviction. Fortunately I managed to save majority to FACEBOOK and PHOTOBUCKET. I live in a care home that also at times can be active and have recorded some phemonena but this flat was the most active although the care home goes back to the 16th century-the activity is not so active due to the energies of those of us who reside here.


Comments on this image:
Comment icon #3 Posted by gracy4033 on 28 January, 2014, 23:48
wow, what can you say? hmmmm.
Comment icon #2 Posted by Iamme8510 on 29 April, 2014, 21:56
It's just a light anomaly.
Comment icon #1 Posted by mom666 on 14 March, 2015, 0:38
Looks like ghosts to me. Way cool pic. Got anymore? I love pictures of strange things!

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September 1, 2013, 10:07 pm
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