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  Single orb in photo #2
Single orb in photo #2
Image credit: © hotshot1

Uploader comment: Denham Springs,La. oldest / *Look in upper left quadrant to the right of the / Single Orb photo #1 & #2 are reduced / Original photos are 3264x2448 pixels with original EXIF data


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Comments on this image:
Comment icon #4 Posted by Gallimaufry on 14 January, 2011, 17:58
It's a dust particle, or possibly a small insect, close to the camera, reflecting the flash and out of focus. That's what orbs always are. If you ever see a picture of an orb wherein the flash was not used, let me know. I never have.
Comment icon #3 Posted by Master Nightmare on 25 March, 2010, 22:25
you mean that dull dot that looks gray?
Comment icon #2 Posted by hotshot1 on 7 March, 2010, 18:03
If you are referring to my photo.....look to the right of the light ~1 inch. There is what appears to be a dim single orb.
Comment icon #1 Posted by butterflew on 9 February, 2010, 20:11
wow, i don't know what it could be... it's to bright to be a dust partical...
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January 26, 2010, 7:58 pm
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