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Image credit: © Masjeris

Uploader comment: Okay, so I was walkin' through the forest, doing some nature photos, when I quickly took a picture of what I first thought to be an albino moose. It startled me, I wasn't expecting it. So when I got home and developed the pics I saw that it looks like a horse and looks like there is a horn. FREEEEEEEEEEEEEAKYYYYy


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 Weird creature
Comments on this image:
Comment icon #18 Posted by LittleSparrow on 21 November, 2014, 0:18
looks like a robert vavra photo, in my opinion. he has a book of 'photos' of unicorns called 'unicorns i have known', idk if that specific one is in the book or not but i think thats where ive seen it. if not, it just LOOKS like one of his pics, but either way...
Comment icon #17 Posted by LittleSparrow on 21 November, 2014, 0:10
im pretty sure ive seen this pic before. or at least, the unicorn part. im 99.9% positive ive seen it somewhere- the background/scenery mightve been different but the unicorn was the same. but hey, maybe not.
Comment icon #16 Posted by Emeraldgemheart on 17 September, 2013, 16:30
Comment icon #15 Posted by 95-Nasty on 25 April, 2013, 14:05
Looks la bit like shadowfax from lord of the rings!
Comment icon #14 Posted by Coffin It Up on 4 May, 2012, 5:50
Its so blurry that I have no idea what it is. Its like I'm not wearing my glasses. Big Fat FAKE.
Comment icon #13 Posted by IllEatUrMind on 22 September, 2011, 8:06
lol well either way, its a pretty sick photo. fake or not. i wanna paint this. :333
Comment icon #12 Posted by TheBloom on 29 June, 2011, 18:56
Sorry but it looks really clearly photoshopped.
Comment icon #11 Posted by mr rainbow on 15 April, 2011, 1:21
unicorns ARE NOT HORSES!!! they are GOATS or other HORNED ANIMALS!!! yes, they are sometimes white, but thats because goats are naturally white. and usually unicorns have some other genetic deformity that makes that not as beautiful
Comment icon #10 Posted by hajime on 22 July, 2010, 6:07
2 questions: 1) why blurry (it dont seem to be moving fast) 2) if it was a rare albino moose, why dint you take more pics (again, not moving fast) look, im 14 and i take pics way better than u do. hows that for your self esteem
Comment icon #9 Posted by gbegg on 9 October, 2009, 0:05
that is a photo with a unicorn taped onto it lame alabie to
Comment icon #8 Posted by cassiebabe on 14 July, 2008, 8:20
come off it if you saw a albino moose you would take more than one picture and im sure there would be atleast one clear picture plus why does it look like its standing above the bush? and another yhing look to be real big agenst the trees and bushes lmao
Comment icon #7 Posted by h. piddy on 12 March, 2008, 15:54
Yeah, I can take really blurry pictures in the forest too. Just watch next week when I upload a pic of my dad... I mean, a sasquatch!
Comment icon #6 Posted by maniecal_laughter on 17 January, 2008, 14:00
I saw this on worth1000, its fake...
Comment icon #5 Posted by wraithgod on 14 October, 2007, 7:06
I wish the mods would delete this. x_X
Comment icon #4 Posted by bile on 12 October, 2007, 9:12
Oh pfft. You just fiddled with his mane. -_-
Comment icon #3 Posted by darklady on 1 October, 2007, 17:59
Photoshop much? Just a grey horse with a doodad on his head.
Comment icon #2 Posted by necrochildk on 29 August, 2007, 13:33
Pull the other one, why don't you? lol Your story comes out pathetic too.
Comment icon #1 Posted by darkangel94 on 15 July, 2007, 13:45
Photoshop anyone? Or painting or a really thin albino mouse with a one horn.
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June 27, 2007, 9:34 pm
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