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  Alaska 1930
Alaska 1930
Image credit: Anonymous e-mail submission

Image status: UNKNOWN The authenticity of this image is currently unknown.


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Comments on this image:
Comment icon #45 Posted by GreyEater on 26 March, 2014, 14:05
Ah, this was taken by a digital camera. The grainy pixels are obvious. 1930's camera's were actually very good and took amazing black and white photos, if taken by a competent person, exquisite detail can be revealed. Ever hear of Ansel Adams?
Comment icon #44 Posted by Damian Bâthory on 5 November, 2011, 5:24
I doubt the pic was taken in the 30's....i have hundreds of black and white pics taken in the 20',30'and 40' and they dont look like this one i would say probably it was taken in the 50's or earlier....it looks like a 50's style alien..... Strangely older pics are of better quality that recent one, probably due to the longer exposition time.....
Comment icon #43 Posted by Desert Shroud on 20 May, 2011, 18:05
Someone posted that the pic was fake because the pic is blurry, but you can still see the 2 eyes... seems like a backwards validation to me.. if it were a real alien, even if a fake, then it would make sense that you could see the eyes.. they're the bigges thing besides the whole of the head on the alien!
Comment icon #42 Posted by Miketar on 25 April, 2011, 19:55
That is unexplainable. No one can tell where thats from. It's even debatable that it's from the 30's. To blurry to tell anything.
Comment icon #41 Posted by Mantis914 on 4 January, 2011, 22:09
How are you going to say its a guy in a suit if it was taken in the 1930's. The stereotypical "grey" alien wasn't mainstream until around the late 1970's and judging from sci-fi films from the 50's the "Martians" were very different looking.
Comment icon #40 Posted by rbren on 4 January, 2011, 0:35
Fake! This is a photo of a kid in an alien costume or that answer oversimplifying. The shadows are correct for the terrain BTW. This kid in the suit is in this photo but if he's an alien, check his green card and call the INS.
Comment icon #39 Posted by ufo144 on 20 September, 2010, 1:13
It is real I have captured on film a very similar being in the woods hiding behind a tree and when the flashlight got on the subject it hid back behind the tree. If it was any other animal it would just stay and not move kind of like spot lighting a deer.
Comment icon #38 Posted by Antinomy on 10 September, 2009, 0:32
IT(the creature not the pic)IS FUSSY YAY we have found a mouse in its true form or a gut in a suit
Comment icon #37 Posted by 12k4e90v on 3 May, 2009, 1:03
If this is real than this could be able to prove not only that aliens are real but they have been visiting our planet. It does look fake though.
Comment icon #36 Posted by drfocu on 3 April, 2009, 21:51
ok this is my opinion and i got answers for most of people 1. there is shadow 2. the second leg his got u can berly see it because is in the shadow part. 3. the shadow is different like the trees because of the ground... if you can see it its got bumbs... (same example as appolo - the fake conspiracy about moon landing... 2 diferent shadows) 4. the thing it is 3D because of different angle the light is reflecting differently.. 5. the pixels you see when zoomed in is because of the poor quality and the contrast is much lighter then the saroundings... so that tends to reflect harder aroun...
Comment icon #35 Posted by jambone on 17 February, 2009, 3:23
My grandpa lived in Alaska in the 30's and he would have shot it . Told me they taste like chicken...& then died three days later! Fake
Comment icon #34 Posted by ufo believer on 30 December, 2008, 23:17
Gabriel1902: WHAT????? the third idea...don't know where you came up with that at all.
Comment icon #33 Posted by gabriel1902 on 10 December, 2008, 16:41
Pol_Pot_will_killyou made a good point. Now, heading back to reality, this picture seems creepy. The only explanation I have are these: 1- The alien is real. Now run to the hills, everybody!!!! 2- It was a real model in scale. 3- (last one, and I think this is the answer) The whole history is a hoax. No grandfather. Carpe diem!
Comment icon #32 Posted by ufo believer on 26 October, 2008, 16:10
Seeing it's black & white photo, and it looks like its from the '30's, how can you photo shop that? Did you guys read the story beneth the photo? and if it was fake why is there a shadow on the ground where the alien is walking?
Comment icon #31 Posted by the 1st sin on 13 June, 2008, 16:29
If it's from 1930's why is that alien doing the C-Walk ???
Comment icon #30 Posted by giggle_wiggles on 3 May, 2008, 23:09
(...), I have wrecked my spaceship, can someone give me a ride?
Comment icon #29 Posted by pol_pot_will_killyou on 22 April, 2008, 11:35
It's Mr. Burns! "I bring you looove!"
Comment icon #28 Posted by xeaphon on 12 February, 2008, 18:50
if it was real (which it isn't) it would be a grey and they very rarely go alone
Comment icon #27 Posted by joe death on 5 July, 2007, 15:43
hey guys your all wrong this is definitely the ghost of a snowman
Comment icon #26 Posted by the-guy-who on 5 May, 2007, 8:52
This could be anything, or better anyone.
Comment icon #25 Posted by nothinggreatstaysthesame on 3 May, 2007, 17:11
Comment icon #24 Posted by krayt12 on 10 September, 2006, 17:25
That is FAR too close to looking like a Human. We have our Evolution, which made us how we are to suit how the planet is, 'IT' would have had a different Evolution, on its planet would have bound to be different. So how canit look like us? Big fake, and even the dummist alien would know notto run about in open land and run away if somthing is chasing it, or if it see somthing moving at all!
Comment icon #23 Posted by mrgrinch on 10 August, 2006, 18:31
lol that is uber fake, look how grainy it is yet you can still make out 2 eyes!
Comment icon #22 Posted by xperson on 11 July, 2006, 7:35
I think its fake.
Comment icon #21 Posted by poeticjustice16 on 12 May, 2006, 2:26
It looks like a guy in a freakin suit and if u found it on the web with no way of tracking were its come from i've got two words to say: PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS.
Comment icon #20 Posted by spectrum on 8 May, 2006, 17:14
true..... this pic is a fake.
Comment icon #19 Posted by chicken_lord 420 on 30 April, 2006, 2:43
wow that is so fake u dont even need to argue
Comment icon #18 Posted by jonb on 20 February, 2006, 7:00
he even had time to frame the photo nicely, pfff. the thing is too bright, nothing else but the sky is that bright. but anyway looks like noone needs any more encouragement that its fake
Comment icon #17 Posted by iron maiden is #1! on 5 January, 2006, 4:30
i would have chased it and ran it over and then sell the body, but it looks fake and i agree with TheGreatWhiteHorse.
Comment icon #16 Posted by bleak on 13 November, 2005, 4:52
^__^ I agree if you think it's fake, but that was not my grandfather =P
Comment icon #15 Posted by crytic mjd on 3 November, 2005, 3:52
the shadows are all rong the shadow on the tree is pointing in a completly different direction to the 'ALIENS' shadow FAKE
Comment icon #14 Posted by thegreatwhitehorse on 2 November, 2005, 8:56
I love how it is ALWAYS "my grandfather/grandmother" who "just died" or "died right after" the finding of the picture. No way to authenticate the picture, and claiming it came from an old relative is supposed to lend credibility to this shlock. Hilarious!
Comment icon #13 Posted by ilovescience2234 on 30 October, 2005, 23:44
I thought aliens were supposed to be smart..why is it walking out in the open?
Comment icon #12 Posted by catch22 on 23 October, 2005, 22:58
It is a real Alien trying to save money on the high gas prices!
Comment icon #11 Posted by valkyrievoice on 22 October, 2005, 13:33
Why would this be the only alien in the woods on some lowly highway? I mean, most times they're never spotted alone, and they're always allied up. I don't know what to think. Your grandfather very well could have doctored the photo, for there have been drawings/sightings/claims of alien abductions since before the year of this photograph. I too really don't know what to say. It would be interesting if it were real, but, the likelihood of some lone alien walking out in the open like that is slight.
Comment icon #10 Posted by foxgirl on 21 October, 2005, 20:07
I have no idea what to say.
Comment icon #9 Posted by sabertooth tiger on 7 October, 2005, 2:55
it has 2 legs... but its fake
Comment icon #8 Posted by cryptosporidium137 on 19 September, 2005, 3:44
There is a shadow, but the picture definetley fake. Where is the other leg to the alien?
Comment icon #7 Posted by mr slayer on 14 September, 2005, 2:15
Yeah...right. No, wait - it IS your grandpa.
Comment icon #6 Posted by half on 9 September, 2005, 14:17
Faked!, if you zoom in you can see the pixels around it have been altered and edited. It's more blurred around the alien.
Comment icon #5 Posted by surfx805 on 7 September, 2005, 22:39
well, until you see a real live alien, i guess you'll never know...
Comment icon #4 Posted by after_life_solja on 6 September, 2005, 21:58
yea it does have shadow but the alien looks too fake its colours are odd and you can tell its been manipulated it looks drwan to me
Comment icon #3 Posted by bleak on 6 September, 2005, 7:57
By the way, in deed the thing HAS shadow =P
Comment icon #2 Posted by bleak on 6 September, 2005, 7:56
hahahaha! That's funny, but it wasn't MY grandfather. I found this photo lost in the web. Ovioulsy fake.
Comment icon #1 Posted by russkill on 5 September, 2005, 23:47
Fuzzy Image,wrong perspective,no shadow,this picture looks and feels wrong,has the original been dated by kodak ?.
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September 3, 2005, 9:07 pm
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