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  Crewe Circle Ghost, 1920
Crewe Circle Ghost, 1920
Image is believed to be in the public domain.

Uploader comment: One of several Ghost photographs taken around this time, many believed that they were hoaxed.


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Comments on this image:
Comment icon #27 Posted by ellejay on 24 July, 2010, 3:24
i like how hes making room for his secret lover in the photo. MR
Comment icon #26 Posted by ghostlyme on 22 August, 2008, 9:10
It reminds me of Igore from the movie "Young Frankenstein".
Comment icon #25 Posted by charmedfan98 on 23 September, 2007, 10:40
That's totally fake. Creepy but fake.
Comment icon #24 Posted by american chupacabra on 19 December, 2006, 4:28
StarWars happened A LONG TIME this is Anakin, he's come back to haunt the people of the Earth. -sarcasim-
Comment icon #23 Posted by willem on 6 July, 2006, 15:23
Why would someone take a picture and focus the man to the right and below the camera? Indeed it is like Filoli writes. (I did not know the Force was already there these times,... Obi-wan)
Comment icon #22 Posted by artemisthehunter on 21 June, 2006, 8:20
An obvious hoax.
Comment icon #21 Posted by ythompson86 on 8 April, 2006, 22:27
mmmbop, anyone?
Comment icon #20 Posted by kenwood_uk on 18 February, 2006, 20:24
Of course its a fake and it was intended to be one, the man in the photograph is "Harry Price", and he took this picture to try and debunk other similar photographs taken around that time.
Comment icon #19 Posted by voodoodaddy on 26 January, 2006, 3:03
It's an obvious fake.
Comment icon #18 Posted by devilwolf slaru 11 on 30 December, 2005, 11:00
absolute hoax. its comepletely impossible to catch a still ghost on camera!
Comment icon #17 Posted by b0mb_shell on 17 November, 2005, 15:24
Black and white is very easy to alter nowadays. This is altered.
Comment icon #16 Posted by vertigoflow on 7 November, 2005, 23:49
typical fake 1920's spiritualism.
Comment icon #15 Posted by ghostlyme on 30 August, 2005, 6:22
She does look a little like Taylor Hanson!! She reminds me of I-Gor in "Young Frankenstein".
Comment icon #14 Posted by avarice_x_falcon on 4 August, 2005, 0:33
I believe this is fake. There's too much detail to be a ghost.
Comment icon #13 Posted by nme_locus on 11 June, 2005, 11:21
Murba, it's supposed to be a shawl, or a death shroud. Crewe was proven to have faked many "spirit photographs"- most famously, one of Abraham Lincoln's wife with a "ghost".
Comment icon #12 Posted by stumped on 9 June, 2005, 21:35
What people will do for money.
Comment icon #11 Posted by murba on 30 May, 2005, 9:46
is she in a cocoon or a sleeping bag or something?
Comment icon #10 Posted by filoli on 16 May, 2005, 11:37
The man isn't in the middle of the frame because he was hoping to have a spirit appear in the developed photo. This was so-called "Spirit Photography" and people believed that they would get a photograph of them and their dearly departed. However, it was just another hoax, cons preying on survivors' grief.
Comment icon #9 Posted by sabbo on 23 April, 2005, 4:25
She's a creepy doll looking thing.
Comment icon #8 Posted by thegreatwhitehorse on 1 April, 2005, 9:24
that guy is scarier looking than she is. He probably carries a knife and is quite good with it in a fight.
Comment icon #7 Posted by william_h on 1 April, 2005, 0:56
if that lady was really there the guy would've sttod up and slapped her for ruining his good photograph---photos were expensive back in the day and he is all dressed up for it and everything---the least she could have done was get a haircut
Comment icon #6 Posted by jacyra on 17 March, 2005, 4:37
It looks like Taylor Hanson
Comment icon #5 Posted by marine-bio on 24 February, 2005, 7:00
wow..what nice results when you get some lady to put on a blanket and stand infront of a camera!!
Comment icon #4 Posted by marine-bio on 24 February, 2005, 7:00
wow..what njice results when you get some lady to put on a blanket and stand infront of a camera!!
Comment icon #3 Posted by delvedeeper on 16 February, 2005, 4:36
I believe it is a hoax also but, doesn't mean it isn't don't forget that.
Comment icon #2 Posted by gothdemon on 20 December, 2004, 18:50
LOoks like a hoax to me boss...
Comment icon #1 Posted by rayce on 12 December, 2004, 4:07
This definately looks like a hoax.
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January 31, 2004, 11:52 am
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