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  William Mumler, 1861
William Mumler, 1861
Image credit: © William Mumler

Uploader comment: Photograph taken in 1861, showing a mysterious figure standing behind the subject of the photograph, thought to be the ghost of Abraham Lincoln.


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Comments on this image:
Comment icon #22 Posted by maximusnow on 7 April, 2014, 15:17
Its Bigfoot!
Comment icon #21 Posted by Damian Bâthory on 19 November, 2011, 7:08
This is like the hoax of Nostradamus prediction about 911 he would have made in 1601...but he had been deceased for over 50 years in 1601...this can't be the ghost of's a fake....
Comment icon #20 Posted by i'mabeliever on 11 June, 2007, 20:08
William Mumler DESTROYED ALL photos and Negatives jus before death. His work has been officially Never Proven or Disproven. I'm guessing he did a little of both. Fakes and perhaps genuine. This being his most famous Infamous), taken a few years after Lincoln died.
Comment icon #19 Posted by nothinggreatstaysthesame on 5 April, 2007, 1:34
.......I see what appears to be a BLACK MAN in the grainy shadow, but unlike Razor stated back in 2004, he by any sort of means, does not look like a BABOON!!!!
Comment icon #18 Posted by artemisthehunter on 22 June, 2006, 22:35
This is a ridiculous attempt at a hoaxed spirit photo.
Comment icon #17 Posted by voodoodaddy44 on 7 December, 2005, 6:41
Abraham Lincoln's ghost? In 1861? I don't think so. John Wilkes Booth blew Abe's brains out in 1865.
Comment icon #16 Posted by kraken on 13 June, 2005, 9:33
Oh-dear...obviously a "scratchy" fake
Comment icon #15 Posted by thegreatwhitehorse on 12 June, 2005, 0:43
Maybe it was a guy named Abe who worked for the company that would later become Lincoln Financial. Naw, probably not.
Comment icon #14 Posted by wwenjo on 11 June, 2005, 13:15
It might be a double exposure, or they used the same plate. But there is no way that is Lincoln's ghost. He wasn't deceased until 7:30am on April 15, 1865!
Comment icon #13 Posted by mtswf4lf on 24 March, 2005, 1:31
LOL Druss. Either they're wrong about the date of the pic or its not Abe. Unless DoubtingThomas is right.
Comment icon #12 Posted by robbiesnana on 6 March, 2005, 6:59
The woman in the picture is Mary Todd Lincoln. It was a actual fact that Mary was into senances and the afterlife. Even President Lincoln attended some after their son Willie (I believe that was his name)died as a child. This was taken after the asssination but feel the photographer messed with to bring Mrs. Lincoln some comfort. Historians have not neceesarily been kind to Mary. Some feel she was a bit eccentric and odd. Please excuse my spelling errors :)
Comment icon #11 Posted by sockmonster on 8 February, 2005, 16:03
she looks just like that freaky little lady from the poltergeist films!!!!
Comment icon #10 Posted by doubtingthomas on 30 January, 2005, 8:20
Failure to clean the glass plates used in photography resulted in after images...that is indeed Lincoln, but not his ghost.
Comment icon #9 Posted by iseedeadppl on 18 January, 2005, 2:35
doesnt it look like abe is spitting on this woman's head? or about to?
Comment icon #8 Posted by razor on 30 December, 2004, 5:15
Comment icon #7 Posted by keepsake on 30 November, 2004, 21:51
I saw this pic in a book i was reading for my book report. this pic is much clearer in the book than it is here, and i am pretty sure that it is him
Comment icon #6 Posted by gargyrl on 21 November, 2004, 2:42
I like how his little deformed hand is on her shoulder.
Comment icon #5 Posted by gemesis23 on 8 October, 2004, 19:32
Looks more like George Washington. :)
Comment icon #4 Posted by azraelschroeder on 15 September, 2004, 21:37
this guy must be pretty rich to have dead presidents hanging around him ;) (sorry, bad pun...xD)
Comment icon #3 Posted by jake74 on 2 August, 2004, 16:05
Mumler was proven to be a fraud when it came to spirit photography- and this picture was taken AFTER Lincoln's assassination.
Comment icon #2 Posted by christopher on 22 July, 2004, 8:33
Yeah, that's what the history books tell you.
Comment icon #1 Posted by druss on 27 June, 2004, 17:20
Unlikely to be Abe Licolns ghost as he was not assinated until 1865
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January 31, 2004, 11:52 am
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