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 Cavern ghost
Comments on this image:
Comment icon #30 Posted by ellejay on 24 July, 2010, 3:59
the poster of this photo disgraces faeries Mr.
Comment icon #29 Posted by tinksbell on 20 July, 2008, 22:51
(oh and he's reading the paper)
Comment icon #28 Posted by tinksbell on 20 July, 2008, 22:50
Comment icon #27 Posted by oushgirl on 13 September, 2007, 16:02
"Fairely" fake.. but cool to look at
Comment icon #26 Posted by themeaningoflife on 23 April, 2007, 12:38
It maight be a fairy, just not the one they want us to think.
Comment icon #25 Posted by crypticat on 13 September, 2006, 22:17
If the daughter believes then so do I. You load of sceptics. Fairies love whipped cream.( and fighting)
Comment icon #24 Posted by chupacarrie on 26 June, 2006, 23:16
The "fairy" looks like a blurry luna moth. The "feet" look just like the long tails on the wings. Google it to see one.
Comment icon #23 Posted by artemisthehunter on 21 June, 2006, 22:27
This pic is up on Coast-To-Coast AM. The photographer - a professional - states that her daughter was having a whipped cream fight with her friends in their backyard. She claims that the slow shutter speed was a result of a low battery, and mentions that her daughter believes in fairies. She then proceeds to insist that this image was not altered in any way. To me, however, it appears as either a trick of light and motion blur, or an altered image, or both.
Comment icon #22 Posted by fartmonkey65 on 7 April, 2006, 20:39
lol, this person actually expects us to believe this.
Comment icon #21 Posted by final remark on 21 March, 2006, 14:10
I like this pic, very colourful. Love all the elementals in it.
Comment icon #20 Posted by urmomlol on 10 February, 2006, 12:07
ah! the wonders of photoshop eh?
Comment icon #19 Posted by pariscat1982 on 9 December, 2005, 12:03
It looks like watercolor or an airbrushed painting, or poster of some kind...not an acutal photo...
Comment icon #18 Posted by crono von bankin on 8 July, 2005, 7:39
Is that Elvis?
Comment icon #17 Posted by ha ha on 28 June, 2005, 21:30
I think the can is Raid and the Fairy is pissed....
Comment icon #16 Posted by ha ha on 28 June, 2005, 21:29
I think the can is Raid and the Fairy is pissed....
Comment icon #15 Posted by aravyndra on 4 March, 2005, 10:07
Slow shutter speed with someone moving very fast. Its used quite frequently in photography art.
Comment icon #14 Posted by jonb on 25 February, 2005, 2:36
this looks like someones art project or somthing...
Comment icon #13 Posted by opiate on 24 February, 2005, 10:32
You guys ruin everything...
Comment icon #12 Posted by howdydoo on 28 January, 2005, 21:06
Am I the only one who thinks this is Elvis?
Comment icon #11 Posted by howdydoo on 28 January, 2005, 21:06
I'm I the only one who thinks this is Elvis?
Comment icon #10 Posted by ibelieveyou on 26 January, 2005, 13:13
looks lke someone holding cans of spraypaint inthe center ans a painting os a chineese chick
Comment icon #9 Posted by threeplustuesday on 18 January, 2005, 15:39
It's just from a slow camera. I have a pic of this guy from a band and the shutter speed was slow so he has three heads. :)
Comment icon #8 Posted by mistressxshuck on 17 January, 2005, 6:30
lol that's what I was going to say- she obviously is holding cans of whipped cream
Comment icon #7 Posted by dadoo69 on 16 December, 2004, 8:05
Is that a rubber chicken
Comment icon #6 Posted by tetanus on 15 December, 2004, 8:38
Rocksnikki, that can is obviously whipped cream... I don't think she'd be spraying whipped cream into the air... and it would just make a mess, not a smokey effect.
Comment icon #5 Posted by quora on 12 December, 2004, 9:46
I could reproduce this photo with a program found at I would, but it's still very unstable in windows (works best with Linux). It's just a fractal filter and some blurring effects. No big deal. Could probably be done in Photoshop as well I'm sure.
Comment icon #4 Posted by da_mcvinster on 7 December, 2004, 5:41
Uh-huh huh!
Comment icon #3 Posted by jonilee7 on 17 November, 2004, 23:53
Hey LOOK! Someone found Elvis!
Comment icon #2 Posted by rocksnikki on 4 October, 2004, 2:18
chicks spraying something out of a can to make the smokey effects, while rapidly moving flashlight around... camera-man shakes the camera... and that's how this picture was created. not hard to see.
Comment icon #1 Posted by swampswan on 3 October, 2004, 23:41
what the heck is going on in this pic to begin with? it looks like a still from some japanese video game
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July 18, 2004, 3:50 pm
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