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  Orb Traveling upwards
Orb Traveling upwards
Image credit: © darkwing

Uploader comment: This picture was taken with a digital camera with a 1/24th second shutter speed. It shows travel upwards out of the ground. It was taken about two minutes after the picture of the angel/fairy shown elsewhere in this album.


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Comments on this image:
Comment icon #18 Posted by AlienDan on 27 May, 2013, 7:20
It's just dust.
Comment icon #17 Posted by 95-Nasty on 8 May, 2013, 16:54
I loved orbs (found them fantastic) until i found out what they really are (via tish site)!
Comment icon #16 Posted by ellejay on 26 July, 2010, 2:49
look like bouncing golf ball Mr.
Comment icon #15 Posted by Oppono Astos on 22 January, 2006, 19:01
The orb is not moving upwards, it is a particulate moving downwards due to gravity. The fade effect is simple, the camera flash light output decays at a far slower rates than its ramps up, so its fading light continues to illuminate the falling particulate. Sorry, so mystery!
Comment icon #14 Posted by snorkle27 on 5 October, 2005, 22:43
quit playing golf in the cemetary..its just rude.
Comment icon #13 Posted by spikeesam on 10 July, 2005, 10:56
Like White Witch said, how dull.
Comment icon #12 Posted by kevdogster on 10 July, 2005, 9:01
Comment icon #11 Posted by whitewitch on 11 June, 2005, 21:00
More moths, how dull.....
Comment icon #10 Posted by filoli on 16 May, 2005, 15:44
Check out the little "lights" all over the ground - that is obviously dew. The orb is a reflection of the camera flash on the dew.
Comment icon #9 Posted by javibarr on 16 May, 2005, 10:22
its a spit ball!!
Comment icon #8 Posted by lookatallthepeople on 21 April, 2005, 22:45
doesnt look like an orb or a soul orb to me but watever...
Comment icon #7 Posted by winkie05 on 29 March, 2005, 8:46
Water and dust do not come from the ground upwards. A post for what? There are no other posts shown in the picture, if it was a post,the angle with the light felection aren't right. Orbs are a ball of energy from something. I do believe there are many diffrent things that can cause orbs. Why wouldn't it be round? The roundness is the form of energy and the tail is the motion blur from it moving. Why would it be domed?
Comment icon #6 Posted by mtswf4lf on 23 March, 2005, 13:58
I think this camera has a realy bright flash. And its just dust or maybe a speck of water on the lense.
Comment icon #5 Posted by jonb on 25 February, 2005, 20:50
yeh if it was a moving light, it wouldnt be totally round at the end, would look like a dome with a tail. this looks like a bad photoshopjobb
Comment icon #4 Posted by areczkov on 30 January, 2005, 16:53
I can do such an "orb" on a Photo Shop in 2-5 minutes. It is a white point with a motion blur effect. ...pitiful...
Comment icon #3 Posted by doubtingthomas on 30 January, 2005, 8:29
Bug, or possibly even a white post. Orbs are one of the most-mistaken phenomenon out there.
Comment icon #2 Posted by little princess on 17 January, 2005, 21:46
we have more orbs in our cupboard than you have in your cemetery :P
Comment icon #1 Posted by talthar on 18 December, 2004, 9:40
thats stupid...that angel/faerie was a moth...
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November 30, 2004, 6:15 pm
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