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  Gettysburg Ghost (close up) (2)
Gettysburg Ghost (close up) (2)
Image credit: © cooquack

Uploader comment: Earlier this summer, my wife, my two boys and I went to Gettysburg. We toured the battlefield via bus, and then went back to get a closer look at Devils Den. We were looking at some scenes of famous pictures when we found the spot of the "staged dead sharpshooter" picture. While my children walked around the spot I took a picture. Later, when we got home to look at our pictures, I noticed what I at first thought was a statue in the background. I thought to myself that I didn't remember a statue and when I looked closer I realized that it wasn't. To me it appears to be a walking soldier with a rifle laying over his soldier. When you blow the picture up large much of it gets too grainy to see, but other parts appear; specifically a face and fingers around the gun.


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 Gettysburg Soldier (close up)
Comments on this image:
Comment icon #32 Posted by soulseeker on 16 April, 2009, 2:33
I see nothing....I was just in is a wonderful place which i believe to be genuinly haunted....but I don't see anything in this shot
Comment icon #31 Posted by bigdaddyinge on 20 December, 2008, 1:43
Comment icon #30 Posted by american chupacabra on 7 July, 2006, 0:39
^Maybe one is union and one is Sounthern^
Comment icon #29 Posted by american chupacabra on 7 July, 2006, 0:39
I see two One greenish one and one brownish one
Comment icon #28 Posted by artemisthehunter on 21 June, 2006, 23:09
Though it could be a tree, it does indeed look like a soldier.
Comment icon #27 Posted by buckeye fan on 30 January, 2006, 17:10
Wow, I think I see what your talking about and maybe its a ghost and maybe not but why would I put any photos in here to share with these people if some are just going to make fun of it?
Comment icon #26 Posted by pjmulholland on 14 December, 2005, 2:28
You know, since it was described to me what I should be looking for, I can see TWO figures that match the deion. Just shows how absurd a lot of these claims really are!
Comment icon #25 Posted by duende on 11 December, 2005, 4:41
soldier??? statue??? tree??? nop i don't see it!!
Comment icon #24 Posted by pariscat1982 on 9 December, 2005, 12:09
GreatWhiteHorse, I would have to agree..:)
Comment icon #23 Posted by morgan on 7 December, 2005, 3:33
I see it, ya'll are just crazy! Many ghosts were spotted at Gettysburg!! Take a camera if you go people!
Comment icon #22 Posted by eclipse on 4 November, 2005, 6:06
Is it just me or does this pic look painted in a way?
Comment icon #21 Posted by eternal light on 25 September, 2005, 6:58
I clearly see a man; he is dressed casually, and I believe him to be another tourist. The gun is nothing more than a branch of a fir tree. He is wearing beige cords, a dark brown shirt, or jacket, and sporting a lightish brown hat. He seems to be benignly watching the events unfolding of the cameo.
Comment icon #20 Posted by flaxengrass on 3 August, 2005, 5:03
I can see it. It's a tree. But I also see a shadow of what appears to be a gorilla sitting on top of the rock. Zoo maybe?
Comment icon #19 Posted by whitewitch on 11 June, 2005, 21:38
Yeah! Big Foot in green fur again! Its just trees with darker leaves. Why are people so.....?
Comment icon #18 Posted by filoli on 16 May, 2005, 12:30
Optical illusion in a very bad photo as the glare from the t-shirts attests.
Comment icon #17 Posted by javibarr on 15 May, 2005, 6:30
its predator from the movie
Comment icon #16 Posted by sabbo on 23 April, 2005, 4:38
I see two big foot lookalikes- one behind another. They are both pretty creepy. Maybe Bigfoot is starting a family?
Comment icon #15 Posted by william_h on 7 April, 2005, 19:27
WWII garb? looks like he has on fur to me with a muzzel loader
Comment icon #14 Posted by accused pheonix on 6 April, 2005, 4:05
pretty cool.
Comment icon #13 Posted by thegreatwhitehorse on 27 March, 2005, 23:56
what am I supposed to be looking at? I see two kids doing something, playing Pokemon or who knows what, and a buncha trees. hmmm....
Comment icon #12 Posted by jacyra on 17 March, 2005, 4:43
seems real to me
Comment icon #11 Posted by fallenangel on 14 March, 2005, 23:40
and exactlly when did the civil war soldiers wear WWII garb? hmmmm i know They didnt.
Comment icon #10 Posted by howdydoo on 28 January, 2005, 21:16
I see it. Great picture. Seems legit.
Comment icon #9 Posted by itzapapalotl on 28 January, 2005, 7:29
It looks like Yoda to me. Or maybe im seeing something else.
Comment icon #8 Posted by bullyreb on 24 January, 2005, 16:18
Don't see anything...but I had an experience at the same spot. Coming home from NY in October after working Trade Center, my friends and I stopped at Gburg a little after midnight and drove around(park was closed) Down from this very spot (my favorite place on the field), something fell crashing out of a tree. No wind. At the observation tower near the NC monument, same thing happened on the same wind.
Comment icon #7 Posted by horrification on 23 January, 2005, 19:42
theres 2 images on here if you blow it up you vcan see an image clearer on the left of the grey thing
Comment icon #6 Posted by lunamoon on 23 January, 2005, 2:55
its sitting on top of the rock... its green so look careful and youll see it... looks pretty cool
Comment icon #5 Posted by only1genesis on 21 January, 2005, 3:31
You guys need glasses, it is clear as day!
Comment icon #4 Posted by nutter on 20 January, 2005, 18:25
I cant see anything either, im sorry
Comment icon #3 Posted by burnside on 11 January, 2005, 0:53
Looks like a tree to me.
Comment icon #2 Posted by subarcticbeef on 10 January, 2005, 23:07
There is something at the top of the photo. I think that the camera caught an image that the eye couldn't detect.
Comment icon #1 Posted by dr_kelz on 10 January, 2005, 18:11
i dont think i see it
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January 8, 2005, 12:09 pm
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