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  Something coming from the TV.
Something coming from the TV.
Image credit: © Silakasha

Uploader comment: Unknown source. Found this old picture while cleaning my grandparents barn.


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Comments on this image:
Comment icon #55 Posted by PPRS-Gil on 13 February, 2011, 5:51
Double exposure
Comment icon #54 Posted by Yellow Jacket on 8 December, 2010, 3:36
Nice job, though.
Comment icon #53 Posted by user81893 on 17 December, 2008, 7:50
Hello Folks I am going to put my 2 cents into this one. Do you folks remember when those ozzy dolls came out? This sure looks like that doll because the hands on that doll looks just like the hands on this photo. The hair and everything looks just like that doll. It even looked real the doll that is. Whoever did this just made it look old. He didn't do a bad job BUT!to many folks alround the world know ozzy and what he looks like plus they know the doll. So next time you go to the mall see if you can find one. You will see for yourselves that-that doll not only looks like this thing but...
Comment icon #52 Posted by everquesterinman on 24 June, 2008, 7:19
Hey guys...Look in the lower right coner and the "cable" spliter and "cable" waires coming from it....they didnt have cable then did they? Any was this is from that " i Love lucy" show where she was in the TV right? hehe
Comment icon #51 Posted by s.t.u. on 10 December, 2007, 16:16
Looks like a person in an electric chair. Did you granparent work for a prison?
Comment icon #50 Posted by oushgirl on 14 September, 2007, 11:59
it makes me sad to think that someone out there believes there are people stupid enough to think this picture is real and was found in the barn... why? yes there are some crackpots out there but most people have some modicum of intelligence...
Comment icon #49 Posted by md_sb on 21 August, 2007, 23:05
This is a lousy photoshop job. This image is on the web only without the stupid filter making it apear noisy. It's a photoshop of a photoshop mocking "the ring"
Comment icon #48 Posted by offamychain on 12 August, 2007, 10:25
Something unexplained here....but nothing paranormal. The unexplained part is did the faker really think this would be believable...or was it just intended to be a spooky picture, but not a serious one.
Comment icon #47 Posted by i'mabeliever on 10 June, 2007, 3:57
yeah, the grandparents attic...oops I meant barn.
Comment icon #46 Posted by childprodigy on 3 May, 2007, 6:31
this is friggin a clip from the ring superimposed on s hitty tv set and made to look old.. well thats my opinion lol
Comment icon #45 Posted by enigman on 15 May, 2006, 5:49
Can't a ghost haunt anything decent like a tortilla chip or even the women's locker room at the gym? Why oh why would they choose a television set? That has Satan written all over it!
Comment icon #44 Posted by uutela on 31 March, 2006, 4:24
Yeah, I'm a real big fan of Ozzy myself, it does really look like him, and a friend told me just now it does kinda look like the girl from The Ring as well. And I really think it could be, and then the pic was made "blurry" in Photoshop.
Comment icon #43 Posted by spears39 on 30 March, 2006, 20:15
ok I am like Ozzy Osbournes biggest fan and at first I was upset to see the comments in here.........but after closer inspection you are right it does look like the Ozzman I dont think it is but I dont think its real either it looks like that movie The Ring where the girl crawls out of the tv.
Comment icon #42 Posted by uutela on 27 March, 2006, 15:38
not just to me it looks like Ozzy apparently, it is clear that it is, and that it has been fixed a little in photoshop. an easy filter thingy does that. don't remember the name of it though.
Comment icon #41 Posted by celephais70 on 24 February, 2006, 0:22
Why so so many people take photgraphs of their TV?
Comment icon #40 Posted by crowley86 on 24 February, 2006, 0:03
looks more like joey from slipknot 2 me
Comment icon #39 Posted by thespainard on 22 December, 2005, 22:58
its alex trebec hes coming to kill us all
Comment icon #38 Posted by juve on 2 December, 2005, 7:25
LOL Ozzy! What do you mean the tv's f%*&#=@ broken
Comment icon #37 Posted by klausable on 1 December, 2005, 22:09
this is a really good picture.many ups and downs
Comment icon #36 Posted by kaosinc on 9 November, 2005, 23:10
I'm sure the postcard said: "Happy Halloween, Grandma & Grandpa!"
Comment icon #35 Posted by jimmytheclown on 27 October, 2005, 19:33
FAKE! Know you mention it, it does look like ozzy! he thing with grandparents barn is from ring. Didn't the girl live in a barn or something?
Comment icon #34 Posted by simara on 16 September, 2005, 3:42
Hey have you ever seen the movie, 'The ring' Or the 'The Ring 2' this looks like they just got a still from the movie when simara comes out of the t.v. and they photoshopped it, this is so F-A-K-E
Comment icon #33 Posted by hood_man on 8 September, 2005, 20:33
HAHA! I jumped when I first saw it, but now it's hilarious!
Comment icon #32 Posted by finapalooza on 28 August, 2005, 4:59
c'mon people !! This is clearly a male in human form dressed in his Halloween (vampire)costume and sticking his head out of an already gutted tv. That's why it's black and white and not real detailed. Even the set up is bogus ! "found this old picture from grandparents barn" LOL !!! puleeze... not buying it...
Comment icon #31 Posted by 2dead on 6 August, 2005, 7:16
it look's more like an electrick chair than a tv .... to me any way
Comment icon #30 Posted by deadxangelxluva on 3 August, 2005, 20:11
HA HA definately the ring i agree with Sweetsalem82103
Comment icon #29 Posted by frenchie cdn on 19 July, 2005, 8:58
It's a movie. And now, there's a sequel.
Comment icon #28 Posted by jdl on 19 July, 2005, 4:17
WHat is this the Ring!?
Comment icon #27 Posted by theghost_and_thedarkness on 30 June, 2005, 6:28
No, I think this picture came from a still shot from "the Ring" or "Ringu" and someone took it to photoshop and edited it to make it look old.
Comment icon #26 Posted by ha ha on 28 June, 2005, 21:50
Squat in front of the TV in a long black gown, cover your feet with the hem and do your best imitation of Ozzy...Why would anyone take a picture of an inanimate object unless the set up the photo op...if the photographer saw that thing coming for real, he wouldn't run for his equipment and IT wouldn't wait for him to take the pic! get real, geeze!
Comment icon #25 Posted by angel88 on 18 June, 2005, 3:01
wow its pics like these that make me think movies like the ring are true or that or photo shop is getting more and more popular.
Comment icon #24 Posted by miss hell on 14 May, 2005, 11:12
After looking at about 100 photos on this site, this is the first one that I have found disturbing. Very disturbing. Maybe Ozzie was astral travelling.
Comment icon #23 Posted by fallenangel on 3 May, 2005, 4:04
i once had a dog named max that i loved very much he isn't with us anymore but my mommy says she will get me another one someday, she says that my doggie will come back as another dog. I sure hope so.
Comment icon #22 Posted by nefarious_eris on 6 April, 2005, 6:23
It looks like someone took Ozzy into photoshop, stuffed him half way into a tv, grayscaled the whole picture and then used the Sumi-e filter....*walks off whistling*
Comment icon #21 Posted by samuraidonkey on 14 March, 2005, 20:06
Gaah, it's the ghost of Bob Saget! Or Samara.
Comment icon #20 Posted by chickeedaizy on 14 March, 2005, 9:56
Yes. It is from the ring. Obviously.
Comment icon #19 Posted by crisi on 11 March, 2005, 1:42
It looks like a negative from the ring. Grandparents attic, my hiney.
Comment icon #18 Posted by cassandras_curse on 10 March, 2005, 23:40
Thats creepy. It almost looks like webbed fingers.
Comment icon #17 Posted by jessboo on 7 March, 2005, 21:18
ghost hunter- what? why wouldnt you put a tv next to a radiator? ours is.
Comment icon #16 Posted by aravyndra on 5 March, 2005, 8:16
I was thinking the Ring or Marilyn Manson, but now that you say Ozzy, I can see it.
Comment icon #15 Posted by captainzaggis on 4 March, 2005, 23:29
Of all things to actually come out of the t.v. to you...
Comment icon #14 Posted by nme_locus on 3 March, 2005, 22:50
where's the popcorn..i got the munchies
Comment icon #13 Posted by gazerbeams on 24 February, 2005, 5:15
seven days.
Comment icon #12 Posted by accused pheonix on 23 February, 2005, 17:49
What proof is there that this is a TV, I cant see any buttons or switches, also why would someone place a TV set right next to a Radiator, just doesn't make any sense.
Comment icon #11 Posted by hoagy on 14 February, 2005, 20:39
crap! it's pictures like this that meake me not want to have a TV in my bedroom, THANKS! :)
Comment icon #10 Posted by lionel hutz on 3 February, 2005, 0:57
that's blatantly from the ring with naomi watts and just fuzzed up alot, bit near the end of the film in apartment
Comment icon #9 Posted by hurricaneslim on 31 January, 2005, 8:32
it's one of two things....can't tell from the quality of a pic...either a shot from one of Ozzy's music videos or a screenshot from The Ring
Comment icon #8 Posted by miserhumus on 29 January, 2005, 8:11
It does look like ozzy. Whay is that thing? I must know!
Comment icon #7 Posted by horrification on 27 January, 2005, 0:49
yer it dus look like ozzy dunt it
Comment icon #6 Posted by potsy_1985 on 26 January, 2005, 18:52
oh my god ive never seen anything thing like it it cant be fake cause there is no feet on the floor wow exiting
Comment icon #5 Posted by dr_kelz on 26 January, 2005, 13:33
Comment icon #4 Posted by cheesemonkeyhobo on 26 January, 2005, 10:18
yeah it looks like ozzy osbourne. that or a failed the ring thingyu
Comment icon #3 Posted by hypodermic on 25 January, 2005, 21:38
well this is a pretty creepy one.. if this picture is taken like in the 60īs or 70īs, then itīs creepy! Because you canīt see any feet on the floor in front of the TV
Comment icon #2 Posted by neverheardofit on 24 January, 2005, 2:18
looks like ozzy!
Comment icon #1 Posted by horrification on 23 January, 2005, 20:41
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