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  El Diablo
El Diablo
Image credit: © Bleak

Uploader comment: This pick was taken in Chihuahua, Mexico.


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Comments on this image:
Comment icon #31 Posted by ellejay on 24 July, 2010, 3:39
it looks like the guy is holding a orb of flame in his right hand
Comment icon #30 Posted by ellejay on 24 July, 2010, 3:38
this i believe is truly real, diablo or fire faerie. very, truly, scary MR
Comment icon #29 Posted by ohlookachurro on 29 September, 2008, 21:11
It's the Joker! Somebody call Batman!
Comment icon #28 Posted by marmik on 24 September, 2008, 6:15
guys u can see a face in the fire on top of the firemans head. its a tilted face looking up into the sky.. u can see the eyes, nose, eyebrows, mouth and forehead quite clearly...
Comment icon #27 Posted by nolimits on 22 July, 2008, 16:03
this freaked me out!!
Comment icon #26 Posted by girlieghost on 13 July, 2008, 0:36
looks like the green goblin from spiderman...sort of
Comment icon #25 Posted by wickedwendigo on 6 May, 2008, 13:25
fake there are 2 versions of this photo one is in my posseion.
Comment icon #24 Posted by everquesterinman on 24 March, 2008, 7:12
Although I believe this is Photoshop. this could be my ever famous "eye trick" why because we did this kind of stuff when we laid on our backs with clouds folks. I'll give you an example: forget the devil has anyone noticed what looks like a dove or angel forming in the smoke just to theleft og the devil. I want to see something myslef but we can sit here all day and pick out shapes but sadly thats all they are...shapes...not spirits.
Comment icon #23 Posted by hauntedguy on 22 April, 2007, 16:50
Comment icon #22 Posted by theface07 on 12 January, 2007, 21:54
Wow, that's incredible! Even if it is fake, Im impressed!
Comment icon #21 Posted by gothic wildfire on 4 September, 2006, 20:59
That's pretty impressive. It looks too defined to be just a random flame which resembles a face, but at the same time it doesn't look defined enough to be a photoshop piece.
Comment icon #20 Posted by munkyluver on 30 July, 2006, 3:52
That's really creepy. I don't really agree in coincidences, so the fact that this face appeared at the precise second the picture taken has to mean something. I don't know what it is, but it's creepy either way.
Comment icon #19 Posted by enigman on 15 May, 2006, 5:52
The fire is real. The image is fake. It looks like Adrian Brody is going for the Batman sequel.
Comment icon #18 Posted by ythompson86 on 9 April, 2006, 0:44
Looks more like Kevin's uncle from Home Alone. His profile anyway. At any rate, I think the pic is real. I agree with atw217. Just like cloud "pictures," this is a naturally occuring phenomena. Way cool and scary as Hell!!!
Comment icon #17 Posted by lady darkness on 4 March, 2006, 15:55
Has anyone noticed the resemblence between "El Diablo" and "the Joker" from the movie Batman?!?!!
Comment icon #16 Posted by lianna on 15 January, 2006, 16:42
bloody fire picks, please ppl learn, fire is a radicle element, it will never look the same. Chemicals and all sort of other stuff, paint etc can casue fires to burn even more radically and different and so often when ppl take pics of fire that there always seems to be a face in it :p This is very common and is just coincidence, there is really nothing freaky, its just fire.
Comment icon #15 Posted by ghostlyme on 10 December, 2005, 11:54
Looks photoshop to me
Comment icon #14 Posted by morgan on 6 December, 2005, 3:31
see, stealing cars leads to fires!! but it does look like theres a face there.
Comment icon #13 Posted by tremor on 19 November, 2005, 11:48
speaking of which, who is diablo? the devil?
Comment icon #12 Posted by tremor on 19 November, 2005, 11:46
lol it looks like its the devil and whoevers in that car is going to hell. but seiriosly its probably a hoax, or maby ot just looks likes this. you never know...
Comment icon #11 Posted by zig864 on 16 November, 2005, 13:51
Awesome picture
Comment icon #10 Posted by vertigoflow on 8 November, 2005, 0:13
creepy. The lighter area of flames to the right of the image looks like a girl in a long dress with her arms outstretched to the firefighter. The large face is looking down at her.
Comment icon #9 Posted by muze226 on 24 October, 2005, 8:41
It's a fire fairy. Haven't you guys ever seen one of these before? They live in smoke & flames. I've seen a thousand.
Comment icon #8 Posted by catch22 on 24 October, 2005, 3:39
This is just like how clouds in the sky can sometimes look like things that are cool. This is an awesome catch in the flame. You couldn't do that again if you tried. Very Cool, but nothing supernatural.
Comment icon #7 Posted by galrito on 21 October, 2005, 9:06
looks fake ppl
Comment icon #6 Posted by shanahan2300 on 18 October, 2005, 4:46
anyone else notice the face to the right of the firemans helmet and left of the hot spot? "Diablo" appears to be looking right at it
Comment icon #5 Posted by acenaspheru on 30 September, 2005, 21:54
I think I've seen that somewhere before.
Comment icon #4 Posted by dr_kelz on 26 September, 2005, 16:46
or the soul of the burnie, is on its way to somewhere
Comment icon #3 Posted by eternal light on 25 September, 2005, 3:40
WOW! I can't believe so few people have commented on this! I don't know what to make of it frankly. It's gotta be some kind of freak image compiled from the smoke and flames, has'nt it? A split second of when the pic was taken; could'nt happen again, surely! I don't think it was faked, just one of those anomalies of life that make one look twice, but then realise that it is'nt something supernatural!
Comment icon #2 Posted by iverson_kobe on 17 September, 2005, 4:12
So that's how you spell Chihuahua
Comment icon #1 Posted by accused pheonix on 14 September, 2005, 20:38
Nice, I've always wanted to see a Mexican car on fire.
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September 11, 2005, 3:16 pm
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