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  Stange Thing in Sand
Stange Thing in Sand
Image credit: © David Duchovny

Uploader comment: This picture I actually took myself. I took it in August during my vacation to Cape Cod. I stored pictures on a laptop, but did not check them until just recently. I am a camera freak and take 40,000 pics of everything, and I took a pic of this hole because I almost stepped in it while walking. I do NOT recall seeing any thing inside of the hole (I would have taken the object out and photograpphed it more if I had). I have no clue what it is, but it almost looks like a weird skull. What do you guys think?


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Comments on this image:
Comment icon #22 Posted by E-K-A-99 on 15 May, 2011, 19:39
That doesnt look like a skull looks more like a hole filled with worms!! EWW
Comment icon #21 Posted by Gallimaufry on 24 April, 2009, 23:27
It's probably some kind of metal debris. That would explain why was dug up but abandoned, as if someone found it with a metal detector and left it because it's not money.
Comment icon #20 Posted by empathic_clairvoyant on 1 March, 2009, 1:13
Looks like a Crystal Skull, perhaps you should go back and try to dig it up, I'm not being funny. I'd go back but that's just me. Perception9 Researcher EC
Comment icon #19 Posted by sgtadams on 14 October, 2008, 19:35
hi i am from cape cod and what you DEFINATLY have there is a dead horse shoe crab lacking its stinger
Comment icon #18 Posted by tommyo on 1 February, 2008, 6:10
hmm what digs holes in the sand on a beach?? A. A crab! Woot! Sorry but nothing supernatural about this one :)
Comment icon #17 Posted by justme33 on 1 February, 2008, 3:48
David, me thinks you found a turtle or crab's nest.
Comment icon #16 Posted by i'mabeliever on 10 June, 2007, 23:40
Pretty Sure this doesn't make the X Files....Holes with shadows just aren't that special.
Comment icon #15 Posted by alien_invasion_ on 18 March, 2007, 15:04
it looks like bugs. or maybe just kelp
Comment icon #14 Posted by crypticat on 21 September, 2006, 15:54
sacred aztec grave site
Comment icon #13 Posted by supernerd82 on 17 July, 2006, 19:02
Comment icon #12 Posted by spears39 on 30 March, 2006, 20:27
hey David your on x-files you figure it out
Comment icon #11 Posted by klausable on 1 December, 2005, 22:13
first glance was that of a snake
Comment icon #10 Posted by kaosinc on 9 November, 2005, 23:24
I'll have to agree with Bible Boy(HaHa)! It's like...."Check out my Cape Cod Prune Dump and rate it for me! She's a beauty isn't she!"
Comment icon #9 Posted by jonb on 17 October, 2005, 3:04
listen, When you try to enhance a photo that has a completely black area, the program will try its best to bring out detail that isnt even there, just image noise or the grain of the film, or digital image. what you have is just the messy result of an enhanced black area, note that also around the edges of the hole there is red patchy areas, this is the same thing happening, over enhancement pulling the image apart.
Comment icon #8 Posted by billy*talent on 5 October, 2005, 4:42
i dunno dude i think its an el chupacabra myself..
Comment icon #7 Posted by eternal light on 27 September, 2005, 11:18
It looks to be exactly what it is; a hole!; nothing more, nothing less for God's sake!
Comment icon #6 Posted by sffelician on 24 September, 2005, 5:10
Heh, I enjoy digging holes and pooping in them so camera freaks can take pictures and think its something mysterious.
Comment icon #5 Posted by suenamilyn on 22 September, 2005, 0:48
Well, it does look like a skull,but, why was the hole there? were there other holes? it appears to be deep and it looks purposly round and clearly dug recently, there are plenty of foot prints and shoe prints right around the top...are you sure you didnt dig this yourself? Was this by the ocean? Looks like a rock...hummm need input....
Comment icon #4 Posted by simara on 16 September, 2005, 3:52
it's a freakin' HOLE! with sand in it....or yeah a Darth Vader helmet lolz
Comment icon #3 Posted by david duchovny on 10 September, 2005, 9:53
The reason why I put it in this ghost section was because I didnt see it when I took the picture. Not that its really ghost like..but I have no clue wtf it is. It almost looks like a deformed skull, if you ask me. And withough enhancement, it kind of looks like a Darth Vader helmet
Comment icon #2 Posted by bible boy on 9 September, 2005, 9:23
it is a hole that someone dug to take a sh!t. You are very lucky you did not take it out.
Comment icon #1 Posted by claizen on 9 September, 2005, 7:14
It looks like a snake or something... Heh camera freak.. Just like my dad :D
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Image information
David Duchovny
September 6, 2005, 12:32 pm
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