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  Graveyard ghost??
Graveyard ghost??
Image credit: © jrholliday

Uploader comment: I hope this will be large enough to see, but this was taken at the graveyard where my grandfather is buried. Look in about the center of the photo, and you should see a mans face in a circle of light. He appears to have a long handlebar moustache. What does everyone think?


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Comments on this image:
Comment icon #20 Posted by rob awesome on 19 August, 2008, 19:55
Howredundant, you're crazy. It's a stretch but it looks like the butch biler guy in the village people, why would ghost's want to look like that?
Comment icon #19 Posted by tinksbell on 20 July, 2008, 23:54
ok... now I see grandma...
Comment icon #18 Posted by howredundant on 27 June, 2008, 22:47
I saw the mustachioed face as well, but only after I looked hard. The thing that jumped out at me first was what appears to be (to me, anyways) a ghostly forehead in the middle of the photo. Look at the tombstone with the red flowers. Does anyone else see a faint white tube of light (ectoplasm?) coming from the left of the flowers leading to the upper portion of a face? Or am I crazy?
Comment icon #17 Posted by s.t.u. on 11 December, 2007, 2:26
are you sure? Maybe it was the graveyard keeper. It's pretty cool looking though.
Comment icon #16 Posted by arden on 17 November, 2007, 6:15
Trees r scary looking from afar!
Comment icon #15 Posted by twegner on 30 June, 2007, 3:40
face looks like a pirite.but i do see the face
Comment icon #14 Posted by i'mabeliever on 7 June, 2007, 0:43
I see it, Trees
Comment icon #13 Posted by jrholliday on 8 July, 2006, 8:44
Meserole, the cemetary is located in southwest Arkansas. The tombstone to the right does have a women engraved on the tombstone. All the graves in this part of the cemetary are very old. Most from the 1800's. I have been back twice since this photo was taken and have taken more photos. The figure has not appeared in the new photos.
Comment icon #12 Posted by meserole on 6 June, 2006, 9:30
I see him. He looks like a cowboy. Underneath him and to the right, there's a woman standing directly in front of the tombstone. (Fleshie?) Also, where is this cemetary? Why do so many of tombstones have faces on them? Is it a Ukranian/Russian cemetary?
Comment icon #11 Posted by i want to believe on 6 April, 2006, 1:59
It took me around 10 seconds to find it, looks like a mexican face, but I think it's just the imagination of the mind. Around it is some sort of circle, orange, brownish looking.
Comment icon #10 Posted by audrey292003 on 4 March, 2006, 13:24
I see what you mean. it is just a stragedically formed trees-Heather duncan
Comment icon #9 Posted by jonb on 3 February, 2006, 0:43
well try looking for other faces in the trees, i can see 4 at least, its just your brain looking for a face in patterns. try turning on your tv to a blank channel so it is static, then think of the number 3, visualise it and you will see the number 3 in the pattern. just your mind
Comment icon #8 Posted by sffelician on 20 January, 2006, 0:14
i see but bigs whoops. you expected to see something so your mind made something for you when you saw that.
Comment icon #7 Posted by mnynames on 5 January, 2006, 10:36
It's just trees. Circle of Light? I think that's a decided exaggeration. Just another example of the human mind seeing ordered form in random shapes...What surprises me is how long you must have been staring at this picture in order to see that in the first place. Were you trying to find a ghost in the picture?
Comment icon #6 Posted by sapphire2005 on 5 January, 2006, 8:33
This one gave me a nose bleed...well i don't see it,but it sees me?? yikes...........
Comment icon #5 Posted by jrholliday on 2 January, 2006, 10:47
Try looking to your right from the tombstone that looks like a treestump. If you still do not see it, I will repost it with a circle around it.. Thanks
Comment icon #4 Posted by lbj on 1 January, 2006, 4:33
Ok I just dont see what your going for here all I see is are gravestones and like a big treestump
Comment icon #3 Posted by crypto-dude on 31 December, 2005, 4:22
I see it, maybe it is just a tree formation. Try going back to that spot and see if that formation is still there. Try putting a circle around it in MS paint.
Comment icon #2 Posted by jrholliday on 29 December, 2005, 9:55
Look in the treeline, directly above the black and white square looking tombstone. Sorry I do not know how to circle it or point an arrow towards it.
Comment icon #1 Posted by Mako_Torriblaidd on 29 December, 2005, 9:36
Okay i cant see it.
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December 26, 2005, 5:15 am
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