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  Glow in the woods
Glow in the woods
Image credit: © Oppono Astos

Uploader comment: Taken during a recent walk in Englefield woods


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Comments on this image:
Comment icon #24 Posted by Lava_Lady on 26 December, 2012, 4:26
It's definitely Mr. Burns...and he brings us love.
Comment icon #23 Posted by C235 on 25 December, 2012, 18:22
Comment icon #22 Posted by DarkSideOfTheMoon on 13 February, 2012, 21:18
Its the sun going down on me ....
Comment icon #21 Posted by 95-Nasty on 13 February, 2012, 15:28
I agree the sun's reflection off the water, great pic.
Comment icon #20 Posted by WeaselsRippedMyFlesh on 22 July, 2011, 22:34
Its Mr. Burns
Comment icon #19 Posted by xXHellkittiesXx on 22 July, 2011, 21:06
Its the sun reflected off the water.
Comment icon #18 Posted by dragonvamp13 on 22 July, 2011, 14:02
It's looks like someone walking and just happen to catch the sun through the forrest of the trees.
Comment icon #17 Posted by hawk2005 on 12 December, 2010, 5:09
what gut rot scenarios, only christed beings can glow that bright in a 3d environment on third world density, it is so clearly a huminoid being taking a walk in the meadows.
Comment icon #16 Posted by ohlookachurro on 25 November, 2008, 3:52
It's Mr. Burns!
Comment icon #15 Posted by tinksbell on 20 July, 2008, 23:49
looks like the sun reflection off water....on the sides too.... On Golden Pond.... great pic
Comment icon #14 Posted by s.t.u. on 11 December, 2007, 2:22
What is the white mist to the right of the beautiful sun glare capture?
Comment icon #13 Posted by twegner on 30 June, 2007, 3:30
I agree with bdszabo glare from sun
Comment icon #12 Posted by i'mabeliever on 7 June, 2007, 0:37
Comment icon #11 Posted by karou on 28 February, 2007, 3:47
Was going to say the sun was behind the photographer. And yep. I am right. The "person" aspect is just the sun's reflection over ripples. Haven't any of you ever seen the sun rise or set over the ocean or other large body of water? It's a pretty picture none the less.
Comment icon #10 Posted by morgan on 1 February, 2007, 10:51
You must be new. See theres this thing, and its called the sun, and well, sometimes it shines.
Comment icon #9 Posted by canners on 26 April, 2006, 0:18
It could be a flare.....
Comment icon #8 Posted by jonb on 13 April, 2006, 4:40
now i see it shadow wolf, such small images are hard to see what is actually there, i can see the pond now :) nice effect
Comment icon #7 Posted by rechu1974 on 10 April, 2006, 22:52
its harry potter
Comment icon #6 Posted by acenaspheru on 10 April, 2006, 0:09
ah, well there's a fancey image editing program that does stuff like that. T_T i want it but it's around $1,500... ^^ cool though, i've never seen a sun relection look so much like person.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Oppono Astos on 9 April, 2006, 23:31
I can assure you that the image is genuine 'asis' from the camera - no manipulation. It is the setting sun reflected in the still water (and some ice) of the lake - the camera exposed for the light available in the nearground, badly overexposing the sun's reflection. I was just curious how others might interpret a genuine image.
Comment icon #4 Posted by jonb on 9 April, 2006, 22:45
not the sun, far too low for the trees, light etc. probably a manipulated one. not much info behind it
Comment icon #3 Posted by jono on 9 April, 2006, 2:42
it's E.T
Comment icon #2 Posted by acenaspheru on 7 April, 2006, 6:03
XD it's pretty whatever it is, but actually if you look at the sky, the sun is to the right of the picture. this looks like a cool photo manip.
Comment icon #1 Posted by crypto-dude on 6 April, 2006, 3:28
It's just the sun shineing through a hole amongst the trees.
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Oppono Astos
March 31, 2006, 8:16 pm
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