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  Alien or sprit
Alien or sprit
Image credit: © skywatcher704

Uploader comment: I saw a light with my eyes,the camera saw this,i have a better pic of this image but cant upload for some reason.the other image you can see a tall pine tree and a couple of houses,this is taken in detroit mi.


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 Somethings there,give me your opions
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Comments on this image:
Comment icon #18 Posted by Emeraldgemheart on 19 September, 2013, 19:20
It looks like Hermione tried doing Lumos on herself again..
Comment icon #17 Posted by Tsuchinoko on 5 August, 2013, 18:39
Looks like it has an arrow on it.
Comment icon #16 Posted by AZDude1973 on 14 August, 2012, 20:36
It's smoke.
Comment icon #15 Posted by Shantiluna on 19 June, 2012, 20:31
@ Wolffheart: "could be a cloud or something similar"? What might that be?
Comment icon #14 Posted by rohitrock on 24 May, 2012, 15:16
may be a smoke after gun fire or something
Comment icon #13 Posted by Wolffheart on 2 March, 2012, 13:50
this could be a cloud or something simular which is lightend up by a light source
Comment icon #12 Posted by Spectre1979 on 29 February, 2012, 21:59
Methinks Spud got it right
Comment icon #11 Posted by Exerminator2000 on 15 February, 2012, 23:18
Comment icon #10 Posted by iclonephone on 19 November, 2011, 4:34
haha its looks like a ghost witch!
Comment icon #9 Posted by spud the mackem on 14 November, 2011, 17:16
I guess it looks like a small gap in the clouds with the moon shining I win a prize for guessing correct ?
Comment icon #8 Posted by kim69 on 5 November, 2011, 18:10
Is it grotbags?? looks like a witch to
Comment icon #7 Posted by Damian Bâthory on 5 November, 2011, 2:59
Two legs...two arms...a hat....on a stick.... Harry Potter......??
Comment icon #6 Posted by Lycanthropyst on 3 September, 2011, 6:18
maybe its some animal:S or a mi-go maybe:P
Comment icon #5 Posted by crazycrys on 26 August, 2011, 8:48
I meam i ccan see 2 legs and 2 arms its wearing some type of hat.on a stick. but like i said that's what I see.
Comment icon #4 Posted by crazycrys on 26 August, 2011, 8:45
It looks like someone riding a stick sideways. From what I can make of iit. Its interesting..
Comment icon #3 Posted by skywatcher704 on 28 July, 2011, 2:53
thank you i no its blurry and i got a better pic but cant get the damn thing to upload,ill keep trying
Comment icon #2 Posted by Desert Shroud on 27 July, 2011, 18:46
I'm sorry hun... it's a very dark and blurred pic. I can't make an opinion on it cause I can't see it!
Comment icon #1 Posted by skywatcher704 on 26 July, 2011, 4:26
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July 24, 2011, 1:44 am
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