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  My 2 year old and orb
My 2 year old and orb
Image credit: © Holmes90

Uploader comment: My 2 year old son does see and speak to spirits and here he is with an orb near him


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 An orb in my 2 year old sons bedroom
Comments on this image:
Comment icon #4 Posted by bjblevins on 1 February, 2012, 17:45
i dont believe it is always dust like some people think i have some pics of orbs and orbs dont have a face my orbs have faces go check them out
Comment icon #3 Posted by Holmes90 on 26 December, 2011, 18:38
Sorry but no flash was used!
Comment icon #2 Posted by Oppono Astos on 25 December, 2011, 13:20
Sorry, rubbish comment. Its a particulate illuminated by the camera flash.
Comment icon #1 Posted by HoaxHunter on 17 November, 2011, 16:11
I am not going to come out and say DUST right away, first of all the only way that could be dust is if it is on the lens. I would say that is paranormal. It does not look like a lens flare either, a very interesting photo that even I can't give a good explanation too.
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October 2, 2011, 1:11 pm
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