Thursday, December 14, 2017
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Elon Musk to give update on SpaceX Mars plans

Posted on Tuesday, 26 September, 2017 | Comment icon 9 comments

An artist's concept image of the Interplanetary Transport System. Image Credit: SpaceX
The SpaceX CEO is set to reveal more about his plans to colonize the Red Planet at an event on Friday.
Set to take place during this year's International Astronautical Congress in Australia, the talk, which will offer what has been billed as a 'major' update on the topic of colonizing Mars, follows on from Musk's previous talk on the subject at the IAC conference in Mexico last year.

One of the main things expected to be brought up during the talk is the Interplanetary Transport System - a huge vehicle designed to carry large numbers of people all the way to Mars.

SpaceX has teased the reveal of 'major improvements' to the ITS as well as new 'unexpected applications' that will no doubt be aimed at increasing the project's financial viability.

The firm has already revealed plans to scale down the size of the ITS to make it more practical to launch so it is likely that this particular aspect will be extensively covered on Friday as well.

"It would be quite fun to be on Mars because you would have gravity that is about 37 percent of that of Earth, so you would be able to lift heavy things and bound around," Musk said previously.

"Furthermore, the day is remarkably close to that of Earth. We just need to change the populations because currently we have seven billion people on Earth and none on Mars."

Source: Tech Crunch | Comments (9)

Tags: Mars, SpaceX

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Jon the frog on 26 September, 2017, 23:40
''We just need to change the populations because currently we have seven billion people on Earth and none on Mars'' Maybe there's a reason why nobody live on Mars... lol, but we will see if we are able to do a colonization in this century.  
Comment icon #2 Posted by Waspie_Dwarf on 26 September, 2017, 23:45
There sure is a reason... it's because until now we haven't had the technology to get there. Kind of difficult to live on a place you can't reach.
Comment icon #3 Posted by glorybebe on 27 September, 2017, 3:42
I giggled when I read that in the article. 
Comment icon #4 Posted by Nostrodumbass on 27 September, 2017, 5:13
Gravity is only 37% of what it is here; that means I'd weigh 63% less on mars? Yes please sign me up! Good bey and good riddance to dieting! 
Comment icon #5 Posted by MissCalamity on 27 September, 2017, 9:48
Is it really so bad to be healthy? Don't worry there is vitamin chocolate, mineral cupcake and omega  milk tart in the fridge.     Don't know for how long I may add........
Comment icon #6 Posted by Nostrodumbass on 27 September, 2017, 9:52
When you add the words vitamin, mineral or omega before any tasty meal it means its going to be tasteless. Just give me the real thing and lets move to mars! 
Comment icon #7 Posted by eddword on 27 September, 2017, 12:48
It's funny how people only look at the fun aspects of living on Mars and are totally ignorant about the harsh realities of living in such an hostile environment. Not to mention how the long time effects of living in a low gravity environment and increased radiation exposure, would have on the human body as well. The cellular changes to the body that would greatly affect how we evolve as humans and how any offspring born there would develop and mutate/ deform into a whole new type of life form over time. It might even be impossible for human life as we know it to propagate with out resulting in... [More]
Comment icon #8 Posted by internetperson on 27 September, 2017, 14:51
Agreed, too many movies. It'll be Jamestown 2.0.
Comment icon #9 Posted by paperdyer on 27 September, 2017, 19:11
If we aren't able to generate an artificial gravity close to Earth inside the structures we'll make, I wonder how the people living there will retain their muscle tone.  I guess some type of resistance equipment or super heavy weights of some kind.

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