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Monkeys have a sense of morality

Posted on Tuesday, 17 February, 2009 | Comment icon 14 comments

Image credit: sxc.hu
A new study has shown that apes and monkeys possess a rudimentary sense of right or wrong, can judge fairness and are even able to empathise with other animals.

"Monkeys and apes have a sense of morality and the rudimentary ability to tell right from wrong, according to new research."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #5 Posted by Wickian on 18 February, 2009, 7:56
There are 3 species you should be careful of. Humans, Monkeys/Apes and Dolphins.
Comment icon #6 Posted by Corpseus on 18 February, 2009, 10:06
If this is just a casual reference to a recent happening, or even an honest question ignore my next point. If this is an attemp to udermine this article, or ape's morality, please consider applying this logic to any human serial killer. One bag egg, in this case, does not spoil the bunch.
Comment icon #7 Posted by BaneSilvermoon on 19 February, 2009, 11:43
Hate those bag eggs:-p
Comment icon #8 Posted by PaperMoon on 21 February, 2009, 3:04
Yeah it's interesting that this case happened right after this article came out! No matter how cute and docile monkey are they are still wild animals and are liable to snap at any moment for no reason at all. That's why they are wild animals. That goes for any wild animal that people try to domesticate. There's a reason why dogs & cats are man's best friend and not monkeys. This shows that wild animals are still wild animals no matter how much people think they can domesticate them.
Comment icon #9 Posted by :PsYKoTiC:BeHAvIoR: on 24 February, 2009, 15:22
I'd add Elephants too.
Comment icon #10 Posted by Blizno on 15 February, 2012, 4:43
It is blindingly obvious but it appears that I have to say this yet again: Chimpanzees ARE NOT monkeys!!!! Chimpanzees are APES! All apes, including human beings, are vastly more developed than any monkey. Apes and monkeys branched apart tens of millions of years ago. Chimpanzees and humans branched apart about six million years ago. Chimpanzees are much more closely related to humans than they are to monkeys. Stop this nonsense of referring to apes as "monkeys". Apes ARE NOT monkeys!
Comment icon #11 Posted by evil_kenshin on 18 February, 2012, 7:40
considering that chimpanzee's are known to regularly wage war similar to humans i'd be questioning if they are as moral as the article claims eg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7XuXi3mqYM (a david attenborough documentary where a chimpanzee militia raids & attacks a rival group killing an infant and eating it)
Comment icon #12 Posted by jules99 on 21 February, 2012, 19:51
Yeah; But by comparison you would also be questioning human morality as well. I suppose morality could be just about cheques and balances. in hard times each member of a community makes a contribution to the whole. If any member is lost then the work of the rest increases and life is made harder, so it makes sense to help each other.. I saw a doco once about a mother killer whale teaching her baby how to hit a penguin with their tail..Sort of like playing penguin ping pong..when the lesson was over the mother killer whale nudged the exhausted penguin safely back to shore with her nose..That ... [More]
Comment icon #13 Posted by Babe Ruth on 25 February, 2012, 22:01
Very easy for me to believe, that monkeys have a sense of morality.
Comment icon #14 Posted by and then on 26 February, 2012, 2:18
I bet they have their share of thugs as well...witness the one among us with a pistol

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