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Psychic Sally Morgan accused of cheating

Posted on Friday, 23 September, 2011 | Comment icon 39 comments

Image credit: Fox TV

One of the UK's best known psychics has been accused of receiving information through an earpiece.

A member of the audience attending one of Morgan's shows at the Grand Canal Theatre in Dublin claimed that she and her friends were sitting near the back and were able to hear a man's voice coming from a small room behind them. Whenever the man said something, Morgan would then say the same thing on stage moments later.

"A member of staff realised that several people near the back of the theatre were aware of the mystery voice and the window was gently closed."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #30 Posted by voidla on 1 October, 2011, 18:57
Please, someone, point me to the evidence for this story? The woman who claims such a thing happened didn't bother getting her phone out to record this? As a voice recording, or even as a video, it would have picked up the audio if she heard it and "other people around her", the time lapse seems long enough for her to notice, other people to notice, and then finally a staff member coming and closing the door, so there's no reason she couldn't have got audio evidence. Plus, the actual staff members supposed weren't even questioned, a manager was who apparently isn... [More]
Comment icon #31 Posted by BaneSilvermoon on 2 October, 2011, 1:58
That's so going in my sig
Comment icon #32 Posted by thatRobGuy on 2 October, 2011, 2:17
This is a great point. I don't know enough about the phenomenon, if that is even the correct way to refer to it, to say anything about it one way or another. I do think it's sad, however, that apparently a lot of people are going to feel let down over this story.
Comment icon #33 Posted by Sakari on 2 October, 2011, 3:18
Comment icon #34 Posted by Spid3rCyd3 on 6 October, 2011, 18:40
LOL...awesome. One of my crazy aunts used to do the telephone psychic schtick for the "Psychic Friends Network". Anyway, my uncle decides to call her at work and disguises his voice, and says, "Don't you know who's calling? You're psychic, right?" She proceeded to get b****y, was funny. Heh, had to be there I guess.
Comment icon #35 Posted by Sakari on 8 October, 2011, 3:52
Must not have been me......
Comment icon #36 Posted by Jerry Only on 8 October, 2011, 8:02
Think you are meaning to reply to undertheflow. You're replying to an advertising bot poster who is copying what undertheflow said, word for word... I'd be very willing to take a reading for undertheflow to show me his abilities. Looked at a thread of his about doing readings for deceased relatives, and it is full of striking, textbook cold readng techniques. See the same damn techniques used time and again by people. See if you can spot them: If there is one thing that really grinds my gears about psychics, it's reading people telling them he is talking to deceased relativ... [More]
Comment icon #37 Posted by Justinus on 29 November, 2011, 9:29
Her underwear has dick holes...
Comment icon #38 Posted by sam12six on 29 November, 2011, 23:15
The woman's story is she heard a voice mentioning information that the psychic would repeat ten seconds later. Why's everyone saying the psychic is a fake? It's obvious that the woman in question also happens to be psychic (she just has a faster connection).
Comment icon #39 Posted by Killahh on 30 March, 2012, 3:18

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