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Are aliens part of God's plan, too ?

Posted on Tuesday, 4 October, 2011 | Comment icon 84 comments | News tip by: Persia

Image credit: Hodder & Stoughton

If intelligent alien life were to be discovered, what impact would this have on religion ?

It's a question that has been discussed by philosophers, scientists and free thinkers for years. Would there be a fundamental change in faith following such a discovery ? Would the aliens themselves have their own religion and if so, how would it fit in with our own ?

"Here's how the debate goes: If the whole of creation includes 125 billion galaxies with hundreds of billions of stars in each, as astronomers think, then what if some of these stars have planets with advanced civilizations, too?."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #75 Posted by Saitung on 11 October, 2011, 12:07
I Agree, I am a Christian, now I am also a Believer, and I know what you mean. When I was in Elementary School studying the subject of UFO’s I thought, “How could a God of the universe not include the universe and aliens?” It was then my mind took a paradigm shift. On a planet such as earth where we have whole societies that still believe such things as “The Flat Earth Society, REALLY?” and even some who believe that dinosaurs are Conspiracy Theory, I saw the truth. Mankind’s problem is selfishness, to the same degree as it was in the Garden. As long as it does not disrupt our Comfort Zones,... [More]
Comment icon #76 Posted by scowl on 11 October, 2011, 16:19
Have you read the Old Testament? God and His actions were well within the perception of the Israelites. None of them doubted His existence. He wasn't the invisible theoretical being He became in the New Testament.
Comment icon #77 Posted by Muenzenhamster on 12 October, 2011, 2:52
Wait, I thought the U.M. community's stance was that God is an alien, or that aliens are the "Kings From The Sky." Hmm, you learn something new every day.
Comment icon #78 Posted by RC5 on 26 October, 2011, 3:59
You guys are pathetic. Dont you guys watch ancient aliens? Our gods are mistaken for aliens, because they came for the "heavens" and taught us basically everthing. I was religious but that makes perfect sense, because people are so damn up tight with religion. Coming down the generations it was forgotten that Aliens were our gods, now everyone believes theres such things as "gods" and "aliens" when there just the same thing. All just mistaken. People need to just think about the possibility. Watch so damn ancient aliens or get off the site with you're damn imm... [More]
Comment icon #79 Posted by Rlyeh on 26 October, 2011, 7:38
Do you believe everything you watch?
Comment icon #80 Posted by Lilly on 26 October, 2011, 11:11
First, the UM Administration sets the rules of these forums...not you. Second you're currently coming very close to violation of said rules. •5e. Disrespectful conduct: Do not be rude, unpleasant or disrespectful towards other members - always be polite and courteous. IMO, if aliens show up the religious will obviously declare them as being God's creations, and possibly some folks might deem them as being Satanic creations. Those with a more scientific view will see them as simply other life forms that evolved elsewhere. Just my personal guess.
Comment icon #81 Posted by DONTEATUS on 26 October, 2011, 21:37
It would be quite the Stir-up If E.T landed and beside the bed stand was a copy of Gork`s Bible Really New Testitment 1 Trillion Years from our present date ! And There King of Kings was Elvis ! Hum ? What book was that I read about that ?
Comment icon #82 Posted by Swadwa on 1 November, 2011, 2:16
The only problem is the Christians will automatically start trying to convert them.
Comment icon #83 Posted by LimeGelatin on 9 November, 2011, 9:57
If life was found outside of our world religious leaders would adapt the teachings of their various beliefs to work with these new revelations. The business of God is a very lucrative one, and will not fail simply because more of his creation and ultimate plan has been revealed to us.
Comment icon #84 Posted by Bella-Angelique on 25 May, 2012, 19:49
We can only go by what we know about ourselves, so based on that any highly evolved sentient life is also involved with God. They would have similar history in trying to understand their world and beyond it. And groups from different worlds that came into contact with each other would have sorted through differences and similarities in faith just as humans from different civilizations on earth have. They would crave security and order just as the human race has done. They would have created policing networks, high tech surveillance, and laws just as we have done. It is logical that they would... [More]

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