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In search of alien space debris

Posted on Thursday, 10 November, 2011 | Comment icon 15 comments | News tip by: Persia

Image credit: NASA

If an intelligent alien civilization has ever sent unmanned probes to Earth, could we recover them ?

It stands to reason that if we were to have ever been visited by curious extraterrestrials then they may have sent unmanned probes to observe us at one time or another, something that we ourselves would undoubtedly do if we came upon an earth-like planet teeming with life. Could there be alien probes amongst the space debris in orbit around us now, waiting for us to come across them ?

"As powerful space telescopes seek out Earth-like planets, and SETI radio telescopes listen for transmissions from aliens, physical evidence for intelligent extraterrestrials might be right in our backyard."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #6 Posted by Vance665 on 10 November, 2011, 20:28
So ETs traveling unknown light years across space just to do a few random flybys and not bother to make contact is simpler than a few people misidentifying what they saw? The only way this would make sense is if you embrace ET evidence that can't be proven. If you would only judge ETs based on the facts, the simplest solution is they are not here.
Comment icon #7 Posted by Anotheryahoo on 10 November, 2011, 20:47
brandofamber's point of the Lagrange point doesnt hold water, your thinking in Earthmans terms who needs to get to orbital velocity or sit in these points. A true space faring race wouldnt be bothered with orbit or this gravitational point because it would have developed a propulsion system that can go anywhere at will. They wouldnt need to orbit or sit a Lagrange point. To deny every single well documented case that has multiple witness,radar observation and photographic evidence with police or military interaction is just denial.
Comment icon #8 Posted by lost_shaman on 10 November, 2011, 21:12
Err... Because of Time Dilation you never need to exceed light speed to get anywhere in the Universe.
Comment icon #9 Posted by zoser on 10 November, 2011, 21:15
What evidence is there that they are hiding? The evidence is that they can come and go as they please in our air space; is it really far fetched that they are mingling with the population too?
Comment icon #10 Posted by lost_shaman on 10 November, 2011, 21:18
And booN, myself and others discussed the case in-depth on the BE threads. That's not what Occam's razor says. It says when you have two hypotheses that equally explain an observation then the one with the least number of entities introduced is likely the correct hypothesis, but it's just a rule of thumb and isn't always correct.
Comment icon #11 Posted by ohio state buckeyes on 10 November, 2011, 23:08
Here a story from Its nice to see discovery treat the idea with some respect.
Comment icon #12 Posted by Super_Sasquatch on 10 November, 2011, 23:21
There's probably all kinds of things "hiding" in deep space that we can't see. Nothing would surprise me.
Comment icon #13 Posted by psyche101 on 10 November, 2011, 23:43
Are you saying booN has no right to express an opposing opinion in a discussion forum? Where do you get of? You are ignorant of the in depth evaluations of the BOLA case, that booN has already discussed extensively, and it is not a good case for ET at all. Yet it is rarely a solution at all, it is a guess. What case has been resolved by the notion of the ETH? And why do all cases require so much construction, yet still fail to identify definitive evidence? And yet we have known about La Grange points since the late 1700's and they have been studied extensively. Nothing hiding ... [More]
Comment icon #14 Posted by booNyzarC on 11 November, 2011, 1:00
Excuse me? Where on earth did this come from? Where exactly did I pretend anything at all? Point out anywhere that I've done that either in this thread or elsewhere. I know darn well about a lot of cases. I asked Anotheryahoo which cases he or she thought were the best ufo cases ever recorded. Do you have a problem with me asking other members to clarify what they mean when they make a statement? By the way, the Battle of LA isn't all that impressive as far as evidence for ET is concerned in my opinion. And yes, I've read your ATS thread. Since when has ET been t... [More]
Comment icon #15 Posted by tomt on 12 February, 2012, 22:54
agreed. brute force rockets are quite exhilarating, and always the wrong choice for space travel. 'ring laser gyros'

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