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Team sheds light on upright walking

Posted on Wednesday, 21 March, 2012 | Comment icon 14 comments | News tip by: Still Waters

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Our ancestors may have started to walk upright to increase the amount of food they were able to carry.

Anthropologists made a similar observation when studying chimpanzees, noting that the animals would sometimes walk upright to help free their hands when they needed to carry something valuable. If early humans learned to walk upright in this same manner it would have likely boosted their odds of survival by improving their food carrying capacity.

"The team from the University of Cambridge and Kyoto University in Japan believe the benefit of "first come, first served" and getting a bigger share of scarce food supplies could, over a long period of time, have led some of our earliest "hominin" ancestors to evolve into "bipedal" primates walking on two legs permanently instead of four."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #5 Posted by spud the mackem on 21 March, 2012, 21:02
Goedenavond ,What are you trying to prove ?,I have seen a walking on two legs Gorilla at Bristol Zoo,but that doesnt prove why Humans stood upright.I happen to believe that we did not evolve from primates,but are a totally separate species ...
Comment icon #6 Posted by Inhuman Implant on 21 March, 2012, 21:44
idk but whenever i look at that gorilla it reminds me of george w bush haha
Comment icon #7 Posted by Zaphod222 on 22 March, 2012, 3:19
I do not know what the point of this is. Obviously, there were advantages moving upright, otherwise some of the species would not have started to do so. And there are other advantages in other behaviour, so others behaved differently. That is why there are billions of species out there. Nature is diversity. Proof - pudding.
Comment icon #8 Posted by Lion6969 on 22 March, 2012, 3:58
Lol, they must have been just as materialistic as us......all that shopping to carry!!! Lmao
Comment icon #9 Posted by Abramelin on 22 March, 2012, 11:19
Well, apparently we are genetically closely linked to chimps and gorillas so it's logical to assume apes and humans must have a common ancestor.
Comment icon #10 Posted by spud the mackem on 22 March, 2012, 15:57
Sorry friend I dont agree,are you happy that your Great Grandad x about 40000 plus generations ago was swinging through the trees,because I am NOT.Just because Charlie Darwin 200 years ago,came up with a few theories about evolution does not mean that he was right..but he put his point of view forward and had it accepted,Then... If a human child is born with 6 fingers,is he a freak,by todays standards ?,or is that particular family evolving ?.taking a step forward !.Of course every one sympathyses and off he goes to Hospital to have the offending part removed,but maybe when/if h... [More]
Comment icon #11 Posted by Abramelin on 22 March, 2012, 16:00
That is not an opinion, that is not understanding what evolution is all about. Maybe this is of help: .
Comment icon #12 Posted by Sparhawk on 9 May, 2012, 14:22
Humans began walking due to grasslands taking over the jungles of ancient earth. Isolated tree stands would be separated by stretches of grassland. Once a tree stand became overpopulated pre-humans would have to migrate to a new area. Crossing grasslands, full of predators, is dangerous. Walking upright gave pre-humans the ability to see over the grass and more protection from predators.
Comment icon #13 Posted by hetrodoxly on 9 May, 2012, 16:50
Wherethehellarewe's the first human tribe.
Comment icon #14 Posted by PersonFromPorlock on 11 May, 2012, 22:34
I seem to recall seeing it suggested, years ago, that habitual upright walking enabled hominims to retain weapons. That makes a fair amount of sense since weapons have continuous utility in a natural environment in a way that food doesn't.

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