Thursday, May 26, 2016
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Owl attacks on the increase

Posted on Sunday, 14 October, 2012 | Comment icon 38 comments | News tip by: the L

Image credit: CC 2.0 Tim Sträter

Within the last month at least four runners have been attacked by hostile owls without provocation.

When out on a run the risks of being set upon by an owl are perhaps not the first thing on your mind, yet Runner's World magazine has revealed that such incidents are not unheard of. Attacks on runners over the last month have included two near Washington DC, one in Vancouver and one in England that involved a boy being knocked off his feet.

"Barred owls are so used to humans that they've pretty much lost all fear of them," said Rob Bierregaard who studies owls at the University of North Carolina. "But I can't stretch that to explain why an owl would pop a jogger on the back of the head. The only thing I can come up with is these are playful young."

"Other experts suggested that the owls may have been birds that people had previously attempted to rescue, and therefore weren't behaving as they naturally would in the wild."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #29 Posted by Bignose Goon on 17 October, 2012, 11:17
Owls about that then!
Comment icon #30 Posted by Capt Amerika on 17 October, 2012, 15:52
You sure do seem to harbor an awful lot of hatred towards your fellow human beings. You may want to do some self reflection. I wont go out of my way to harm an animal but im not going to lose an ounce of sleep over their death either. If i go swimming in the ocean and get eaten by a shark are you going to protest the sharks? or are you going to say i should have moved away from where they are? Animals can move or die, not my problem.
Comment icon #31 Posted by Emin on 17 October, 2012, 22:48
Yeah i almost got attacked by an owl once while up on my roof star gazing. Sure freaked me out, lol. Idk but it makes sense in a way that it is typical for things to attack other things that run so maybe its just doing what it do.
Comment icon #32 Posted by Marcin on 19 October, 2012, 1:20
To explain: TROLLING - The word art of deliberately, cleverly and/or secretlt pissing people off, usually via the internet means, using clever wording and/or dialogue And while you don't mean it, you are a little naive because you have gone in 3 comments from black to white, purposely ignoring the fact that there is a host of shades of grey in between it all. While majority of us don't particularly MEAN it, our sheer ignorance and lack of deeper interest kills more living things, than all our deliberate and concentrated efforts. Also, speaking of bugs and bacteria - this is the synon... [More]
Comment icon #33 Posted by Magiclass on 19 October, 2012, 15:11
I would be really pi**ed if someone came running through my prime hunting territory scaring all the prey! :yes:
Comment icon #34 Posted by Idano on 19 October, 2012, 17:17
"Barred owls are so used to humans that they've pretty much lost all fear of them," said Rob Bierregaard "But I can't stretch that to explain why an owl would pop a jogger on the back of the head. The only thing I can come up with is these are playful young."
Comment icon #35 Posted by Mr. Smith on 20 October, 2012, 1:46
No not all of them, just rare few who think like you.
Comment icon #36 Posted by Ninhursag on 20 October, 2012, 12:32
I've always liked owls .. Then I watched The Fourth Kind.
Comment icon #37 Posted by Capt Amerika on 22 October, 2012, 12:13
I believe i am in the vast majority of humans that will not harm animals for pleasure but will not put an animal ahead of another human or our need for survival.

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