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Obama petitioned to build 'Death Star'

Posted on Friday, 14 December, 2012 | Comment icon 48 comments | News tip by: -M7

Image credit: Susan Sterner

Star Wars fans are attempting to convince the US President that building a Death Star is a good idea.

A new petition started on the White House's website as part of its "We the People" section has so far accumulated more than 25,000 signatures in favour of having the US devote resources to building the ultimate weapon of destruction. The fact that the Death Star is a fictional planet-destroyer that exists only in science fiction doesn't seem to have dampened the enthusiasm of those who are supporting the endeavor.

"By focusing our defense resources into a space-superiority platform and weapon system such as a Death Star, the government can spur job creation in the fields of construction, engineering, space exploration, and more, and strengthen our national defense," the petition reads.

"A petition demanding the President Barack Obama administration build a Death Star like the one in Star Wars reached 25,000-plus signatures Thursday, a threshold requiring the government to respond whether it will build the fictional weapon capable of annihilating planets with its super laser."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #39 Posted by -M7 on 19 December, 2012, 3:10
I've had a bit distering (and potentially coincidental) revelation... This American [u]Death Star[/u]-dispite the fact that it might be much smaller than the Star Wars death star, might be linked to the Apocalypse...if built. Its possible that the petition's approval may be on December 21st 2012 or not-that might explain that whole prediction sort of. 1st was that weird and probably coincidental vision(or something) I had a few years ago while listening to music in a youtube video. That vision: being in what appears to be space station orbiting Earth, a big control room and something... [More]
Comment icon #40 Posted by _Only on 19 December, 2012, 4:05
As far as any death ray holding death star being built in the next 3 days, I don't think you have anything to worry about, M7. Unless it has been sitting in its cloaking device just outside of orbit for 8 years now or something.
Comment icon #41 Posted by glorybebe on 19 December, 2012, 4:11
LMAO! That could be a new conspiracy!
Comment icon #42 Posted by WoIverine on 19 December, 2012, 5:28
I find your lack of faith...disturbing.
Comment icon #43 Posted by 747400 on 19 December, 2012, 8:29
Sounds very much like any movie based on a Tom Clancy book ...
Comment icon #44 Posted by Medium Brown on 19 December, 2012, 15:52
I dunno. It sounds more like Matthew Reilly.
Comment icon #45 Posted by danieru on 19 December, 2012, 19:03
Better make Enterprise.... :P
Comment icon #46 Posted by Swamptick on 22 December, 2012, 17:34
Obama would just steal it from someone else.
Comment icon #47 Posted by Purifier on 22 December, 2012, 23:51
Bet'cha the DHS is looking into it.
Comment icon #48 Posted by NiteMarcher on 24 December, 2012, 22:52
663 Billion planned for Dept of Defense this coming year--for what may I ask? It's an endless circle of our tax payers money that is to be siphoned off by the "military industrial corp. complex" and used for their own personal agendas. In other words, they have to create some type of discord within the world and among other nations, in order to keep churning out some new type of destructive weapon--it's sales, sales, sales---to the highest bidder and they just keep on making money.

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